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We are fast approaching the one year mark of the anniversary of Grace’s adoption. I remember feeling confident in the decision to go and get my baby girl across the world. The Lord had confirmed that decision a thousand different times in a thousand different ways…it is an exhilaratingly joyful thing to hear the Father and walk in the way He directs. I remember being mostly concerned about my other three children and how it would affect them. They were from the beginning, ALL IN. So full of love and excitement and crazy fundraising ideas! So now that the “honeymoon” is over, I asked them tonight how things look presently…

Me: (asking William, age 4) What is the best thing about Grace being in our family and having an adopted sister?

William: I really wanted to have a baby sister. She is funny.

Me: What is the worst thing about Grace becoming a part of our family?

William: When she knocks down my guys (super heroes) on my Batman house. That makes me mad. Sometimes it’s funny but mostly makes me mad.

My older two children agreed that the worst part is when she cries or throws a fit. My oldest daughter is happy for the company of another girl and thankful that Grace got our family because we know Jesus. My oldest son, like his little brother, loves having a really little sister to play with and read to. When I inquired about this more, he actually does really love it. I watch him choose her all of the time. What I love about their answers is that they are so normal. I have heard these answers every time a new baby was born. They aren’t particular to adoption, but very particular to a funny little two year old who is very cute and very loud in her fits but also very much their sister. I know it doesn’t always look this way but there is a very normal atmosphere growing among my children. I can try and complicate it with my book knowledge and constant monitoring of this forever family and it’s possible disruptions, but they are siblings. And they are all in.


This picture proves it. We recently went to court to re-adopt Grace. When the judge asked us (I’m pretty sure he meant my husband and I) to raise our right hand to pledge that our statements were true, everyone raised their right hand. These kids were for real. I think that prior to approaching the bench, I may have threatened at least one of them with some possible jail time if they didn’t calm down and act right. My oldest had already dreamed about the possibility of running in the court room, throwing open the doors and yelling, “I object!” Not because he objects to Grace, but just because it would be fun. So when it got serious and down to business, everyone in the family stepped it up. The policeman was so tickled by the unanimous response that he started laughing, took a picture with my phone and then proceeded to the back offices behind the bench to show the secretaries the line of hands raised and at attention.

It speaks to my heart, it really does. My children wanted to be there, to stand there, to participate and show their solidarity for their sister. It drifts me to a deeper place too. How the judge was pleased to celebrate with us. How I thought there must be much that grieved him but that this was a really good thing to preside over. How the policeman took our picture and showed it to not only the judge sitting to his left, but to everyone around him. How our lawyer counseled us in what to say and when to say it and how he humbly guided our steps that day. How all three took joy in being on our team in those moments and how they all advocated on our behalf. Working in a system designed for justice that often by necessity and reputation is known for dealing with the “bad” when in fact it protects and promotes goodness and righteousness and truth. And new names and new lives and new families. New inheritance.

The natural always reflects the supernatural. The earthly things point to their truest representation in the heavenly things. A little picture here of a lot of glory there. With hands raised we are “in” for adoption. The judge asked me, “Why are you grinning ear to ear?” The answer is, my wonderfully amusing children and the fact that we were made for this! And the knowledge that no one went to jail, despite glee filled running down the long corridor of the court house, erupting in laughter as they hit the finish line (doors of another court room).

Happy Adoption, Re-Adoption and every good gift that comes with it sweet Grace!

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