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Meet Andrew

Update: My family has found me!


Andrew is a very polite 9 year old who has been living in a wonderful foster home for the past seven months. He is deaf. He communicates with his peers and house nannies by pointing to objects and expressing his needs. He has begun learning sign language 3 times a week with an American therapist at the foster home. They are working on identifying objects, things, colors, and people. He is proving to be a quick learner. Teaching Andrew to sign and understand concept ideas has been difficult due to his lack of reading, however they are diligently working through it with the use of picture scenes and acting. He is a very bright and outgoing young man. He is very smart and the therapist believes he has a lot of potential for learning sign language! He has a wonderful sense of humor and a smile which can light up any room. Andrew’s adoption papers are currently being filed and he should be added to the shared list very soon.

Meet Asher My family has found me, yay!

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Asher is a five year old boy who can hear a little with hearing aids, but cannot speak. He communicates through facial expressions and body language, and goes to a special school where he is focusing on improving his speech and hearing. His caretakers say he can be very focused and can concentrate on a task for a long time. He is, at times, stubborn and strong willed, but gets along well with the other children from the neighborhood where he lives with his foster family. He appears bright and learns quickly; he can recognize his name when he sees it in writing. He likes to help his teachers and take care of others. He keeps toys organized and does not like messes. Although a little camera shy, he is a normal five year old boy. Asher would thrive in a family that is equipped to parent a child with hearing loss.

Asher is currently on the shared list and can be adopted by a single woman or family working with any agency. See more info on Asher here.

Meet Edison


Edison is a very friendly 12 year old. A family recently traveled to China to complete their adoption and had the opportunity to meet him. This is what they had to say: “I met this dear boy, Edison, when we visited the orphanage on July 26th, 2013. I was told he goes to a boarding school for the deaf during the academic school year, but comes back to the orphanage when school is not in session. He appears to reside in a room with a ‘family of other orphans’ led by a 31 year old adoptee who has polio so he has experienced a ‘family’ to some degree. He seemed to desire human interaction as he shook hands with us, smiled, and was very sociable and polite. He did steal a bit of my heart and I would love for a family that is able to meet his needs to step forward. If I can answer any questions, please email me here.”

Edison is on the shared list and can be adopted by a family working with any agency. Could Edison be your son?

Meet Richard

2001, Jan. 1st, Richard

Richard is a 12 year old boy waiting for his family. He is deaf and very smart. He is in the deaf school for regular education and is doing very well. With hearing aid, he can hear better. He is the biggest child in this orphanage. He protects other children. He likes other people praise him. He is very polite and can get along well with other people. He likes other people say he is smart and well behaved. He is very good at Kung Fu, He is very strong and is in very good health. Richard is in the Guangzhou Deaf School now. He is a very good student at school. He often does performances like dancing or Kungfu at school and the CWI. He loves sports very much,esp.basketball. Therefore, he is very strong and it’s very rare for him to get sick. Every time when he returns to the orphanage from the boarding school, he helps the nannies to do some work. He takes care of the younger children and play with them. Everyone likes him so much. Because he is deaf, he is quiet compared to children of the same age. He likes watching TV and comics when he has free time.”

Richard is on the shared list, but if a family used Madison for their placing agency, his orphanage would waive the orphanage donation because of their relationship with Madison’s guide.

Resources for families adopting children with hearing impairment:
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For more information on any of these waiting, contact the Advocacy Team.

3 responses to “waiting child highlight: hearing loss”

  1. Lori Dubbs says:

    Please read this resource for information on why the term “hearing impairment” is not preferred by the deaf community. Thank you! http://www.nad.org/issues/american-sign-language/community-and-culture-faq

    The National Association of the Deaf would be a good resource to add to your list above as well. http://www.nad.org

  2. Great post indeed! I love to know the stories of hearing impaired children as my own child is suffering from hearing loss. Being the mother of a deaf child, I can understand the feelings and sorrows of these hard of hearing children. I know how difficult is for them to survive in this outer world as nobody wants to include them in their normal conversations. Parents are actually the helping hands for these suffered children. Though, hearing loss is a dilemma which cannot be cured permanently, but parent support and care can reduce the effects of deafness in these children’s life.

  3. littlezayden says:

    Richard has a family!!!!

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