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April 10, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Sweet Robert was born in December of 2007. He currently lives at a fabulous foster home, where he receives therapy and medical care from American volunteers. His special need is listed in his file as varus of both feet, and deformity of limbs. The foster home states he has arthrogryposis.


He longs for parents, and would love legs like other kids, but he’s extremely mobile utilizing his thighs to walk. He works very hard in therapy twice per week. Robert likes to share snacks with other kids and help the nannies organize toys at the home. He also loves speaking his mind, and is never afraid to ask questions. He’s a huge fan of superheroes, and seeing what he’s accomplished qualifies him for membership in that club!


His medical file is a few years old and could use an update, which can easily be obtained through any agency and through his foster home. His file states he had surgery and casting on his legs as a toddler. He celebrates holidays (including Christmas!) in his foster home. He is also exposed to English speaking volunteers on a regular basis.


Robert can study and play with other children. He is quick in reaction and strong in memory. He can say simple children’s songs, English words and express his gratitude to others who help him. He has an ever present smile and much gratitude in his heart.


Robert is on the shared list and can be adopted by a family or single woman working with any agency. He has waited for a family to come forward for him for years. Could you make 2014 the year his dream of a family comes true? COuld this sweet boy be your son?


Robert with his Nanny

For more information about Robert or about beginning the adoption journey, contact the Advocacy Team.

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