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May 14, 2014 Family Found 2 Comments

Adorable Colleen is 8.5 years old and is diagnosed with retarded growth; deformity of spine. The Little People of America believe that she has a form of dwarfism. Unfortunately for her, she resides in an orphanage that is not very cooperative when it comes to updates so she needs a family who will love her and accept her no matter what her official diagnosis may be. She has a short physical stature for her age. Her caregivers say that she does grow, but very slowly. The doctor at the orphanage says that she has congenitally fused vertebrae and they are short and flat which makes her spine shorter than normal.


At 5, she was bowel incontinent and wore diapers (she was bladder continent). She may or may not be incontinent and in diapers still. At 5, she could not carry heavy items very well with her left hand, though she could grip things. They said that her left leg and foot are normal. She has normal and clear speech and the caregivers say that she has normal mental development. She can run and likes to play with other children. At 5, she was receiving education at the orphanage. They are not sure she will be accepted for school outside of her orphanage because of her special need. Even though she looked serious when we the agency staff met her, the caregivers say that she is usually a very happy girl. She is currently living at the orphanage and is waiting for a loving family to adopt her. Colleen has waited a very long time. Are you the family that will take a leap of faith for this beautiful girl?

Video from the 2010 Journey of Hope camp.

Update from April 2014:
Colleen is active and extroverted. She is happy and smiles a lot. She gets along well with people. She is receiving special education in the orphanage. She knows some simple English words. She can sing, dance, draw,cut paper, and recite poems. She knows simple Pinyin and alphabets. She can imitate teacher to write her name and some numbers. She can put on clothes, brush teeth, wash face, fold bedding, eat, drink, walk upstairs and downstairs,run and walk. But her left leg is not normal. She is still on diapers, but can change by herself and clean herself. Her left arm function is limited. She cannot lift heavy things with her left arm and it cannot straight either. She likes playing with teachers,caretakers and other children.

Colleen is currently on Madison Adoption Associates’ designated list. For more information or to review her file, please fill out this form.


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  1. mitzie shaver says:

    she is adorable. i would love to take her but unfortunately i aged out of chinathis past friday at 56.

  2. I’m hoping to head to China this January for my daughter but if she is still waiting when I get back, I would certainly consider reusing my dossier for her…!

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