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July 22, 2014 Family Found 8 Comments

Update: My Family has found me!

All it takes is one photo to cut you to your very core, and little Dexter’s photo has done just that for many.

This photos, some of his newest, show a little boy whose round face has given way to noticeable weight loss, his kissable lips, dry and cracked and his intense eyes now show tired. Such contrast to an older photo showing a little boy who was engaged had a round face and kissable full lips.

In the beginning…

Dexter came into care as an infant, at just two months old. His medical need was determined to be limb differences affecting both his wrists/hands and his weight was a healthy 9.7 lbs.

He was described as baby who was adored by his ayis, had a good appetite, and loved to play while lying on the floor soaking in the sun light. A little man with a ready smile, quick reaction but wee bit shy.

Known to be a sensitive little boy who could easily read the faces of others, he too would get upset if he would see someone who was sad. Oh, but smile at him and he would smile and giggle right back. And loved to snuggle, he would crawl up to his ayis and hold onto their legs looking up at them with happiness.

But now…

The sparkle in his eyes is fading. He looks tired and frail. He is too weak to keep us with his friends.


His hope…

The last line of one of his developmental report reads “We hope he can quickly find a home and have a loving father and mother as well as an even healthier and happier childhood.”


My hope for him is just that. To again see that sparkle in his eye, for that intelligent little boy to have a smile on his face and most of all for Dexter to have his family, one that will hold those two specially made little hands in theirs forever.

Some resources for parenting children with limb differences can be found through these links:
Yahoo Adopt Limb Difference Group
Super Hands
Amniotic Band Syndrome
Amputee Coalition of America
Helping Hands Group
Shriner’s Hospitals

Dexter is looking for his family with the help of Great Wall China Adoption. You can email Katherine, or you can learn more about this sweet three year old here.

8 responses to “Find my Family: Dexter”

  1. Maureen says:

    what has happened to him to cause this weight loss????

  2. Dani says:

    Oh my heart is so broken for this precious child! If anyone is concerned about his limb difference, look at my blog to see what a little one radial aplasia can do (which is what ever they want!).

  3. Betsy says:

    We have two limb different girls and it is such a non-issue in our daily lives. I wish things were different for us and we could bring him home. Praying for a family’s love to bring him back to a happy and healthy life.

  4. Joyce Lee says:

    I would love to bring him home to my family he would fit in but I can’t afford an overseas adoption I would really love to get him, I just hope someone can bring a smile to his face.

  5. Hope says:

    I shared Dexter on our blog. He’s in our hearts&prayers.

  6. Ali says:

    I am interested in helping this little guy … but our dossier is not done. We have a home study just completed and a domestic adoption that just fell through. But, we feel like opening our home to a child (or more) that have some medical issues is something God has been putting on our heart.

  7. Jane says:

    Why did he loose all that weight? Does he have cancer?

  8. Brett says:

    I’m taking the liberty of answering this last comment: Although I’m not an AP, and far from expert, the term “failure to thrive” lacks the life or death urgency of its impact on a child.

    In a way, cancer is almost easier to deal with. A child who has completely lost hope – his or her innocence – through no fault of hard-working caregivers, is at the most profound risk of all.

    I’m not sure you’ll ever see this reply: maybe you have followed more closely the travails of special needs adoptions by now.

    Happily, Dexter is in the “found family” listings. One. Less. Orphan.

    All blessings to those who work with and adopt these dear ones.

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