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August 18, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My family has found me!

Sammy just turned 5 years old and we are praying this is his last birthday as an orphan. Sammy’s file is on the shared list, which means a family working with any Hague accredited agency can pursue his adoption. He was able to attend Bring Me Hope camp once again this summer. This is what his counselor had to say:


“I was Sammy’s buddy at Bring Me Hope Summer camp both in 2013 and this past summer! He is currently on the shared list and is diagnosed with cerebral dysplasia. To me he is just a healthy, very energetic little boy. From spending 2 weeks with him I saw no signs of him having any brain malformations and he is not on any medication for epilepsy. According to the Nanny that came to camp with the kids, he does not suffer from seizures and she was shocked to hear he had “brain abnormalities”, she thought he was healthy and I would say the same. He is a smart boy who loves to sing, dance, color, play soccer and run around. Last summer (2013) he had trouble following instructions and had some bad ‘orphanage’ behavior but this year he was so much better! He has grown up so much since the first time I have met him and he is developing into a great kid! I know he would make a wonderful addition to a family who will provide him the love, discipline and stability that he needs! And one who would allow him to eat ice-cream would be awesome too, as that’s his favourite food! I would love to share more pictures and videos with anyone who is interested!”


Contact Ciara for more information on adopting Sammy.

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