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August 26, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Quinn, born May 2010, is adored by everyone because of his sweet smile, chubby face, and polite manners. When he sees a caretaker who has been gone for a few days, he will tell them how he missed them.

A curious child, he wants to learn and explore new things, and asks lots of “Why” questions. He often surprises adults by saying something more mature than his age, such as “How come my teacher is not here yet? Maybe she’s sick? Or is visiting her mother?” Whatever he does, he is completely focused, whether it’s a craft, playing with a toy, or listening to a story.


He’s very good at remembering landmarks, and knows where he is by identifying a building or statue. He loves to play outdoors on the slide and swings, though his favorite activity is soccer. Currently he knows colors, shapes, and names of common objects. He can count to ten, and tell a story by looking at pictures in a book. He is also getting English lessons one-on-one with a teacher, and has learned the names of some animals, colors, and objects. Quinn has a sensitive special need.

Currently, Quinn’s file is with WACAP and has a $4000 grant for qualified families. Please contact the NHBO Advocacy Team or WACAP to learn more about Quinn. He is an amazing little guy!

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