Two Septembers

September 2, 2014 heart defect, Kam 1 Comments

He sauntered into the room
While our hearts were beating fast,
The papers had been signed
No longer an orphan, a son at last.


A grin stretched wide
Across his adorable face,
Straight to his daddy’s lap
A picture of grace.


We played, we laughed
We shed a few tears,
But he? He just giggled
Sensing no need to fear.


Lunch time upon us
We watched as he ate,
A steaming, mushy porridge
Just like every orphanage day.


Two hours flew by
They said we must leave,
“Come back tomorrow”
But oh, how he’d grieve.


Morning dawned in Bangkok
Time to visit Joel again,
Today our son could leave with us
Both he and that gorgeous grin.

Three short years later
A new son on the way,
To Henan, China we’d go
For another September “Gotcha Day.”

Meeting Gabe-7824 copy

Tired and timid
Soaking wet and scared,
Gabe came to this mama
Wearing a sad, serious stare.

Meeting Gabe-7820 copy

Meeting Gabe-7891 copy

He held it together
So brave when just then,
We pulled out some bubbles
And he gave us a grin.

Grins led to belly laughs
And huge smiles galore,
It barely seemed possible
To ever love him more.

But adore them we have
Each and every single day,
Both beautiful, chosen sons
Learning to walk in God’s way.

Siblings-8563 copy

Nearly 18 married Septembers
Blessed with four children since,
Among them our Thai Tornado
And our adorable China Prince.

Roberts family 2013-4983 copy

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  1. Jessica says:

    I love your photo flashbacks. It’s feel like I got to “live” it with you all over again!!

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