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Wonderful Kyle! Please read about this precious boy who participated in Lifeline’s Hosting program and very much wants a forever family. Precious Kyle is 10 years old and is designated to Lifeline’s special focus list. This sweet child is stated to have an eye condition called cryptophthalmus (missing eyelid) and caligo cornea (speck on the cornea that causes dimness or obscurity of sight), with “normal mental function”.


Kyle is an active and sweet little boy, who enjoys watching cartoons. He is said to love new things and meeting new people. Kyle’s file states that he has good language expression, is able to greet guests well and is very polite. This sweet child is also said to be a helpful and obedient child who cares about others, often giving his seat up for an adult! What manners!

Please read these comments from some of the families and team members who got to spend time with Kyle at Lifeline’s 2 week Camp: “Kyle is very sweet spirited. Even though we could not speak the same language, he was very proactive about using hand motions, etc. to help me understand and was always so patient. He can also play the piano- how special! He loved getting his face painted during the Fall Festival and loved spending time at Camp Shelby. He was so curious to play on the tanks and to explore.”

“Right after he landed in the U.S., he was social enough to have made friends with two other American kids quickly in the airport. He felt these two boys were so nice and friendly, so he wanted to me translate ‘If I could be adopted, I would want to be adopted into one of their families’ to them.”

“Our family had the privilege of spending one day with some of the kids at the hosting program. We were able to have a great conversation with Kyle through a translator. He is a sweet and curious child, and also a bit reserved and serious. He told us that he wants very much to be adopted. He loves animals! He wanted to know where animals came from and we were able to talk briefly about God’s creation. Kyle is a beautiful child and desires a family. We are praying that his family finds him soon! “

“When I was translating questions during medical eval, the teacher asked him what his favorite subjects were, he said law and science. I remembered that so during the vision evaluations while we were waiting, I asked him ‘Last time, you said you love the subject of law, how come? Have you started to study some laws already?’ Then, he said ‘I just want to study the law of adoption so that I would know how I could be adopted.'”


Please email Annie for more information about Kyle.

His file will go back to the shared list very soon, so please pray and help us to spread the word about this awesome little boy who so desires his own forever family.

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