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April 30, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

Adorable Justus is 2 years old (born December 2012). Justus is a very smart little boy that already knows how to sort shapes and colors, point out and say objects in a book, and say several words! He gets along well with other kids and loves to ride on the rocking horse and play catch with a ball. Justus would thrive so much with the love and support of a permanent family!

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Justus was abandoned when he was 18 months old. When he first came to the orphanage he was, understandably, very nervous and shy. He would call out “momma” and the nannies would hold him to comfort him. Justus has been living in the same orphanage since he was found. He was moved to the room for older children his age two months after being found. Justus attends the local Half the Sky program and is learning so much!

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Caretakers have a lot to say about Justus! He is an active little boy that loves to play with cars, trucks, blocks, and balls. He likes to play with other children and loves to dance to music. He has a great appetite. They say he is smart, handsome, relentless, and is often found giggling with excitement when it’s time to play or go outside! Justus will stack the blocks in the activity room as high as he can, and then laugh when he topples them back down to the ground! Justus is praised often by his caretakers. When they tell him he’s “awesome”, he will run away shyly. This little athlete can hold a ball with his hands, throw it far, and then kick the ball away as he runs to chase it! Justus is also adventurous with cars of any kind! He will sit in the big car in the activity room and stare ahead as he steers the wheel back and forth. His caretakers say it’s adorable to watch! His favorite things to do when he’s outside is playing with the local cat, looking at flowers, and jumping and playing on the outside play bridge.

Justus has been diagnosed with thalassemia. He is currently receiving blood transfusions every 4-6 weeks. After receiving a transfusion, his complexion turns rosy, and his spunky personality comes back quickly. Included in Justus’ medical file are his blood reports, medical examination record, vaccination records, growth report, and daily schedule.

Justus is an active little boy that needs a family to help him reach his full potential! He desperately needs a family to help him get the proper medical care he needs for his condition. Are you this sweet boy’s family?

WACAP is offering a $4,000 grant for qualifying families. Seriously interested families should download and complete their pre-application (no fee, no commitment) found here.

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