It Takes a Village: Showering the Adoptive Mom

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Last year, when I was asked to help plan a sprinkle shower for my sweet friend, I was happy for the chance to celebrate another special child coming home from China! I didn’t take many pictures at the event unfortunately, but we had a great time celebrating with my dear mama friend. I pulled out all of my Chinese New Year decorations and we went wild turning the house into a festive Chinese party, dragons and lanterns hanging from the ceiling and all.

I also created a “good luck” tree table centerpiece with red envelopes and decorative Asian coins hung from a bouquet of sticks. We ate some delicious homemade Chinese food with chopsticks, including dumplings, crab meat wontons, fried rice, wonton soup, and buttery moon cookies. One of the other girls created and decorated a gorgeous panda-inspired cake. But if you aren’t into making cakes, decorating a plain white cake with a lot of colorful fruit is traditional and would work just as well!


We played adoption and China-inspired shower games during the party too. Game prizes were framed paintings of the Great Wall that were created in China by one of those artists who works with only their hands for paint brushes.

And of course, my friend received so many sweet gifts from her family and friends! We made sure to include gifts of a few new adoption books, a stunning custom name charm from Jiayin Designs, and a beautiful China-themed adoption “baby book.” She also received several other China-inspired gifts for her son.


It was such a privilege to walk with my friends on their journey to bring their new son home. Celebrating with a Chinese-inspired sprinkle was a wonderful way to honor his birth heritage and share about where he came from. Adding to a family through adoption is a beautiful process to witness!

If you are looking for some China adoption-themed shower games, please check out the blog post for these games from my friend, Kelly, at My Overthinking.

Also, I created two more games for the shower:
China Adoption Acronyms (answers)
Mandarin Match-Up (answers)

Although most of the shower guests were not adoptive moms, going over the answers for the China Adoption Acronyms game was a terrific way to explain the adoption process to everyone. I also think a trivia game about Chinese history or culture could be a fun addition!

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