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July 2, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Sullivan, born April 2008, is a shy boy who seemed nervous to talk with agency staff on their trip in April 2016. He stood rocking a little on his feet.

Photo 3

He is diagnosed with epidermis bullosa, and had several painful looking blisters on his hands. Caregivers say the blisters mainly appear in the same areas, and he does not get any inside his mouth. They give him a soaking treatment at night that seems to help, but during the day it gets worse again. He attends school within the orphanage, where he learns Chinese and pinyin. He counted to 100 and named colors we pointed to; he spoke softly but clearly. We asked him to write his name and draw a picture, and he was very focused while drawing and included lots of details. His favorite toy is the little car, and he has a close friend, a little girl at the orphanage.

Si Shun 10

Sullivan’s file is currently with WACAP. There is a $4,000 grant available to qualified families. For more information, please email WACAP.

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