Urgent Aging Out Child: Lily

September 9, 2016 Family Found 46 Comments

Lily is so close to aging out, she has very little time left to be adopted!

Sweet, precious Lily has just four more months until she ages out of the system, disqualifying her from international adoption.


Lily is almost fourteen years old and is absolutely beloved by her caregivers. She loves crafts and drawing, and she does very well in school. Lily is introverted and independent. She is a leader in the orphanage and helps younger children to complete their chores.

Lily very much wants to be adopted. She has been diagnosed with mild talipes equinovarus (clubfoot). Her gross and fine motor skills are age appropriate. She is said to be quiet and independent and has very little time left before she ages out.

Her file states that she loves crafts and the outdoors and his helpful with younger children. She is said to have normal mental development and can walk normally (run slowly). She seems to be very loved in her small orphanage, “We hope that she can have a good future.”


We know we’re working against the clock, but we believe a family is out there for Lily. She is currently on the shared list and can be adopted by a family with any agency.

Agape Adoptions is offering a $2,500 agency fee reduction. WACAP is offering a $4,000 agency grant. Other agencies may also provide assistance to a family who chooses to race to complete her adoption in time.

Please help us share her post and help this girl be found by her family.

46 responses to “Urgent Aging Out Child: Lily”

  1. Mark F. says:

    How realistic is it for a family to adopt her that has not even started the process? My wife and I are former missionaries who served in China for a decade. We have two adopted girls from China. We are still fluent in Chinese (mandarin). Just checking to see if this is truly possible for us.

  2. Brandy ferris says:

    I don’t even know how to begin this process! I would love to help…my brother had adopted 5 children. How can I start?

  3. Jolene says:

    Would someone need to already be in process to accomplish this in so little time? We got home January 2016. Our home study was probably completed in April 2015. We are in no place to adopt again so soon but I can’t stand the thought of this precious girl aging out. If it would be possible I’d have to get on my knees and really consider. Thanks for any input.

    • nohandsbutours says:

      Hi Jolene, a homestudy ready family would be ideal, however a family like yours could easily reuse your dossier and make it in time for her as well. She has had a lot of interest, so we are hopeful she will have a committed family first of this week. Love that you would be willing to pray and consider if necessary <3

  4. Sarah says:

    What would be required to adopt her? We aren’t approved or in a financial position for international adoption costs.

  5. Trisha Roberts says:

    Could you please give us more information about how she came to be at the orphanage and how long she has been there?

    • nohandsbutours says:

      This information isn’t public, however it will be included on her official adoption file. You can view her file as well as that of many other waiting children through one of the agencies linked at the bottom of her post. Thank you!

  6. Erika says:

    What does aging out mean for this child? How long does the orphanage let her stay there? And who do I contact about adopting her?

  7. Jennifer Backes says:

    Hello. I just saw your post. My husband and I are interested in finding out more information about Lily. We are with Christian Family Care. We finished our home study and are waiting for our foster/adopt license to come in the mail.

  8. Jan Mailloux says:

    Hello–Is it possible to receive any more information on Lily? We have adopted once from China (a little boy). We have another home study complete for another adoption. Thanks!

  9. Mary says:

    How much would that make the adoption and could it be processed in time?

    Are there any more details about her?

  10. Maria says:

    I adopted in 2009 but have not started the process but this girl speaks to me. Not sure if it is even possible in this time frame.

  11. Jenny says:

    If it weren’t so expensive, my husband and I would have adopted long ago :-(. Just wish it wasn’t so difficult to give them a great home

    • Angela says:

      Jenny, don’t let cost scare you from adopting!! God will provide it, I promise!!! We are farmers and have adopted twice and Paid for both. He calls you to it, he will provide too!!

  12. Andrea cooler says:

    How do we start the process?

    • Emily says:

      Can you please give more infor. Has Liky been adopted yet? We adopted a child from China 14 years ago. Liky is beautiful and sounds precious!

  13. Corrie says:

    This is my daughter’s best friend from her orphanage! I will get any information she can provide for interested families!!

    • Cat says:

      This is beautiful. My oldest daughter (named Lily,) just read a book this summer about a girl who was adopted from a Chinese orphanage by an American family who helped her friend also get adopted. God bless your daughter and her friend, Lily. May both of their forever families be greatly blessed by their daughters. I am so glad that she could help.

    • Michelle says:

      I am calling a local adoption agency about this young lady on Monday. Would love to try to get more info on her.

      • nohandsbutours says:

        You would need to contact an International Adoption Agency with a good record of expediting aging out adoptions. They can assist you in learning about the process and qualifications. Thank you for your interest!

    • Michelle says:

      Corrie, are you willing to email me about this information? Not sure if there is a way for me to contact you through this site? Will you email me? Michelle dot m dot harwood at gmail dot com

  14. Jen Kim says:

    Unfortunately, many of us cannot afford the cost of adoption, and especially the cost of foreign adoption, which is out of reach for most middle class Americans. I understand that it is necessary in order to prevent people from buying children just to use as slaves, but that also prevents many wonderful people who might provide loving homes for orphans. Sad.

    • Tt says:

      Write your senators and congress people and ask them to make the Adoption Tax Credit refundable, again! It would help so much to make adoption affordable…

  15. Amanda Mendoza says:

    How do you even start the process? Lily needs a home.

  16. Heather says:

    I would be so interested. How do I even begin?

    • nohandsbutours says:

      Contact one of the agencies linked at the bottom of the post for more information on beginning the process. It will take a very motivated family to get her home within the time constraint. Thank you!

  17. Jen says:

    She’s a lovely young lady. My home is her home if she wants to join me and my pup and my big family of neices and nephews and aunts and uncles and 2 super special grandparents. One neice is from China. So little time and so many offers to give her a home no answers on how to “save” /adopt her. Can no one answer the “how” question?

  18. Christina says:

    I’m very interested… Please don’t let her age out!!

  19. Louisa says:

    Call an agency in your area to see if they will help you do an age out….it is totally possible. People rush to help financially with the right tools–lots of Facebook and social media letting people know. Many people have done this in record time if you get the right ones on your side. There is a Facebook page of people to actually help you do this too.

  20. Nicolette says:

    She would be very welcome overhere in the Netherlands. We are a fosterfamily but haven’t start any adoption process. I wish we could give her a home here by us.

    • nohandsbutours says:

      Hi Nicolette, I am not familiar with the process in the Netherlands. Perhaps there is an International Adoption Agency there you could contact for more information. There are so many waiting children in China. Thank you!

  21. Sarah says:

    Who do we contact for more information? My husband and I are very interested but don’t know how or where to begin. Thank you!

    • nohandsbutours says:

      Hi Sarah, please contact one of the agencies linked at the bottom of her post. They will assist you in knowing how to proceed and what the qualifications are to get to her in time. There are so many older children waiting to be chosen for adoption from China, thank you for your interest!

  22. Harmoni says:

    Under contact on here there you an fill something out. It also lists two agencies above that can be clicked on. Try contacting them as well!

  23. Holly says:

    ****for any family adopting this darling girl, please consider contacting Dr. Dobbs at the children’s hospital in St. Louis. He has had great success correcting clubfeet in older children coming home from China. He uses the Ponseti Method that does not cause scarring or pain in adulthood. Our daughter has had the Ponseti method (age 20 months) and the local orthotists and doctors all say how amazing and flexible her foot looks compared to patients they see who have had the surgery for club feet.
    There are free flight options for medical care if the distance is a difficulty.
    God Bless!

  24. Trisha Roberts says:

    We are starting the process. If someone else, with a Home Study completed, steps in, we will bow out.

  25. Tracy says:

    Hello, we are very interested in Lily. We adopted a baby in 2010, home study was completed in 2009. We have recently contacted the agency to re-open our case to begin process of hopeful 2nd adoption but need to update home study, get fingerprinted again, etc. Is it realistic to think we would have a chance with this adoption being as it needs to happen so quickly?

    • nohandsbutours says:

      It would take a very motivated family to complete the steps from scratch in time, but definitely possible. The latest update we have is that she has several families seriously considering her and she should be officially matched before the end of the day tomorrow. There are many other children just like her, so please pray about pursuing a second adoption even if Lily does indeed have a family. Blessings to you and thank you for your interest!

  26. Amanda says:

    We have been praying about this process for quite some time and we are hoping to adopt but have not even began the process at all. What are the first steps?

  27. Rebecca Maddox says:

    Been keeping Lilly in our prayers. Did I see correctly that she was listed on the Families Found Friday post for today? We recently brought home our daughter right before she aged out of the system. We too had a very short time period and feel very blessed that God cleared the way for us to meet all the deadlines. So when I saw Lilly’s post my heart and prayers just went out to her.

  28. Kenley Cogan says:

    This is so possible!! We came home 6 weeks ago with my newest sister – we met her on July 18th, and she would have aged out on the 23rd. Our dossier had expired, so we completed a start-to-finish process in 12 weeks! Lily’s story is so similar to hers, and Kassi is a treasure – so incredibly happy to be in a family at last! It breaks my heart to think of the “what-ifs”, and I will help in any possible way so that Lily does not have to face those same “what-ifs”. We are happy to answer questions, share fundraisers, and do anything else in our power to help Lily’s family reach her in time! Please email us (the Cogan family) at kgsurvey2001@gmail.com or comment on our blog at theworldwillchange.blogspot.com and we will be happy to do anything to help!!! Many prayers for the families who are considering this leap of faith and for the family who will undertake this journey!!!

  29. Korin says:

    Has Lily aged out? Has someone adopted her yet?

  30. Jesse and Julianna Paiz says:

    What is the status of Lily and admiration for the Families willing to ‘ Jump In From the Beginning !! ‘

    Ya’ ll ‘ Rock ‘ !!!

  31. Jessica Mireles says:

    Is this sweet child spoken for? We are interested and already LID.

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