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November 22, 2016 Family Found 3 Comments

Raina was born April of 2011. Her special need is listed as ectodactylism of both hands and a right lower limb difference. Raina is designated as Special Focus and her file is with AAC.


Raina is 5 years old and is a shy and reserved girl. She gets along very well with peers and caregivers and enjoys playing with toys and looking at the pretty flowers outside. She is uncomfortable around strangers. She is said to be stoic and determined. She can feed and dress herself.

Raina has ectodactylism affecting both hands. The toes on her left foot are fused. Her right leg is malformed and she uses a prosthetic lower leg (there are imaging reports in file). Caregivers report that while Raina had a difficult adjustment to her prosthesis, she remained determined and never cried or got upset. She practiced walking until she had mastered the use of the prosthesis. She enjoys her improved mobility, especially to go outdoors.


Are you the family Raina has been waiting for?

If you would like to review Raina’s file, please complete AAC’s eligibility application. Please make sure to mention her name in the appropriate section of the form. If you have any questions, you can contact AAC.

3 responses to “Find My Family: Raina”

  1. Lydia Willette says:

    Do you know if Raina found a family yet?

  2. Brett Butler says:

    Raina’s family found her!
    What great news for the new year! Thankful for NHBO.

  3. Lydia Willette says:

    An answer to prayer!!

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