An Orphan’s Courtroom

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In honor of Father’s Day, the month of June is dedicated to Dads. During our Thoughts from the Dad series, we’ll feature stories written by fathers sharing their unique perspective on the journey of adoption.


It was the spring of 2013. Our three older kids were out of the house and on their own, and our three younger kids (8, 6 and 4) were settling into daily routines to the point where we finally felt our home was running smoothly.

My business was continuing to prosper. Our two cars were paid for and had relatively low mileage, the savings account balance was returning back to a pre-adoption level, most of the exterior of the house had a fresh coat of paint, and we even hired a landscaping company to stay on top of our lawn. Things were becoming comfortable.

Life was good.

Despite all of this, there was a distinct lack of peace growing in my soul. I couldn’t escape it, especially when I was in God’s Word.

I knew that our low-risk, comfortable lifestyle was not lining up with what I was reading in Scripture.

I decided to go out one morning and have a quiet time in my car, which was not that unusual for me to do. But what took place during that car ride has forever changed our lives – and the life of a little boy halfway across the world.

I can’t remember for sure what I was reading at the time, but I suddenly felt the Spirit’s presence surround me as I sat there in my car. And as clear as anything I’ve ever experienced in my 20 years as a Christian, I had a vision…

I suddenly found myself in a courtroom setting. I was the defendant and I was sitting at a table next to a smartly dressed, neatly groomed, extremely eloquent attorney. The attorney was doing his best to convince the judge why our family was done adopting children.

“Your honor, my client has already done his part. He and his loving wife have already adopted two children. They’ve gone above and beyond. It’s about time their lives become a bit more comfortable….”

As my attorney went on to plead my case, I looked over my shoulder to the back of the courtroom. The entire side of the courtroom behind me was packed with all of our friends and family. Every time my attorney mentioned a reason why our family should not adopt again, I looked over my shoulder to see everyone nodding their heads in agreement.

My attorney proceeded down his long list of arguments: “Your honor, my client needs to be putting more money away for retirement.”

Everyone on my side of the courtroom nodded in agreement.

“…and how are they going to pay for more college expenses if they adopt again?”

Again, everyone nodded.

“And the bedrooms in their home are the perfect size for the kids they already have…“
“And the kitchen table can’t fit another person very comfortably…“
“And the family van won’t be big enough with another child in it…”

Everyone continued to nod in agreement.

My attorney confidently sat down after he had gone through the long list of reasons why our family should not adopt another child. I was very pleased with how he represented all of my interests. I was confident the judge would rule in my favor.

Then the judge turned to the other side of the courtroom. There was a young child standing there all alone. He had no attorney, no advocate, nobody to speak in his defense. I couldn’t help but notice that the entire side of the courtroom behind him was empty. No parents. No siblings. No friends. Nobody. He was all by himself.

The judge spoke:

“Little boy, why are you in my courtroom today? What is the case you wish to plead?”

The little boy never lifted his head. Looking down at the ground, he quietly uttered the following words:

“All I want is a family.”

The vision suddenly ended. I was broken.

Less than a year later, our family returned home from China with a wonderful little boy named Tommy – our third adopted child. And, as this post is published, our family will be in China once again to bring home a precious little girl. Esther-Joy will be our fourth adopted child.

The Lord could not have made it any clearer….

A life of ease and comfort is never welcomed in an orphan’s courtroom.

– guest post by Jim: email || Instagram

4 responses to “An Orphan’s Courtroom”

  1. Our entire family is in tears! We just accepted a little boy’s file after saying we were “done”. We have two bios (9 & 7) and brought home our 4 year old from China in 2015. Your words were so special to us- you said exactly how we feel. Thank you for your beautiful words and for your testimony of obedience! God bless you!

  2. James Basinger says:

    That is one of the clearest defenses for the fatherless I have ever heard. Although he appeared by himself with no one to speak for him, he had The King of Kings and Lord of Lords fighting for him, praying for him, advocating for him, weeping with him…loving him. Jeremiah 29:11…I know the plans I have for you…

  3. Dorothy Scharer says:

    Keep seeking the orphans and bringing them home.

  4. Carolyn Berry says:

    Our daughters who we adopted as infants from China have so enriched our lives. The youngest will soon leave for college. I can’t imagine not having been their mom.

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