Questions Answered Regarding New Requirements for APs

July 7, 2017 CCCWA, Lifeline, Stefanie 0 Comments

Almost as soon as the CCCWA released new eligibility requirements for adoptive parents, questions arose. Big questions, on which many families’ adoptions hung.

How many children are allowed in the home?
When does the clock start for one year between adoptions?
What about those who already have pre-approval but do not meet the new requirements?
And those whose dossiers are logged in but no longer qualify?

Thankfully for those waiting, the answers came quickly. And, for those in limbo, much of the news has been good. Lifeline released an update to their families this afternoon and graciously allowed us to share it here with our readers.

From Lifeline:

It’s been such a busy couple of days! We are so grateful for your patience and for hanging in there with us while we sought clarification on some of the details of the new regulations.

Here is what we know now:

Married couples can have five minor children in the home; the adopted child would be the sixth child. Single applicants can have two minor children in the home; the adopted child would be the third child.

The youngest child in the home must be three by the time you submit your LOI or your dossier; whichever comes first.

Families with PA are considered to be “safe” as well as families that are LID. You do not have to be through review, just have your dossier logged-in.

There will now need to be year between your last adoption (date of adoption) and when you would submit a second LOI or log-in again. There will be no dossier reuses.

These were the main questions we had regarding the regulations. We are still seeking clarification on a couple of other details that only involve a few families specifically.

Lifeline Children’s Services

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