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I know this is not rocket science, but this morning a thought crossed my mind about the way an adopted child becomes FAMILY.

It seems like one day you wake up and realize how far your child has come. I realize how much more a part of the family he/she is than the day, week, month or year before.

Each adopted child has their own time frame and experiences in this process. But there is one common factor I see in them all.


Time solidifies relationships.

Books on attachment are extremely resourceful. Advice from other B.T.D.T. adoptive parents can be like fresh water in a desert land.

But in many cases, time is a vital player in the game. And it’s the one thing that requires a lot of patience, because there’s no sure fire way to say how much time will pass before a real bond occurs.

I’m not saying one should just sit around and wait, doing nothing to help the attachment process. Not at all!

I guess I’m just realizing how time (and lots of prayer) has strengthened our cords.

Time keeps marching. Our relationships keep changing and growing closer.

Much like in our Christian faith, we are ever growing in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. It’s how it is with our children.

Not rocket science, right? Not by a long shot. But maybe it might encourage someone out there who is in the thick of it.

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