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November is National Adoption Month. Pretty cool, huh? You would think that this is primarily a “Christian holiday” but I’ve been thrilled to see the secular media highlighting adoption & foster care and even adoption ministries throughout the month. (See Huffington Post article HERE.)

But adoption is just one, albeit amazing, facet of God’s call to care for the orphan (James 1:27). I am daily over whelmed at the beauty of  God’s heart through adoption. He adopted me and I was chosen to adopt my son–it STILL boggles my mind. But adoption wasn’t God’s first plan. It’s an unbelievably perfect back-up but it is only in response to our screw up in the Garden (way to go us). Still, if our Heavenly Father is going to mention caring for ‘orphans’ and ‘the fatherless’ forty-one times in the Old Testament alone, I have to believe it is a subject very dear to the Lord’s heart. Which means caring for His children, even beyond adoption, should be very dear to mine.  (If you want to read a book that will rock your world on this concept, check out Orphan Justice by Johnny Carr.
The 30DayAdoptionChallenge (posted HERE) got me thinking about the creative ways my circle of friends and friends once & twice removed are caring for the orphan. It’s varied and awe inspiring and creative and personally challenging. And they all answer the question: “What would happen if I could use the talent God gave me and the time I have available?”
  • A photographer friend of mine donates her time & passion to photograph the foster children during their week at Royal Family Kids Camp. Each child is provided personal 5x7s, wallet sized and 4x6s of their precious faces, each lovingly framed, wrapped, prayed over and presented with hands of love. For many this is the first and only photograph they’ve ever had of themselves. It is a tangible representation of their Heavenly Father’s love for them–I created you; I see you; you are beautiful; you are loved. One woman who loves to photograph gives her skill and offers her heart to care for these beauties when no one else can or will. (Col 2:23-24)
  • Another dear friend has a passionate calling for a very specific genetic special need. Only 1 in 15,000 births results in this specific condition, and my friend heard about one boy in an orphanage in China that has it and needs specialized formula to survive. She has rearranged her family budget to purchase the (very expensive) formula then coordinates with adoption agencies across the nation sending families to that orphanage to pick up their own children. Would you be willing to bring the formula to this sweet boy? I’ll send you the cans. This is who you contact. Send the empty cans back to me and I’ll find more families who are going. This boy can’t live without it.  Can you imagine the amount of coordination this takes? Hundreds of cans of formula have arrived for this ONE sweet boy, each declaring: you are SO very loved and wanted that scores of people you have never met are willing to go to the ends of the earth to make sure you are safe until your forever family finds you. Jesus loves you EVEN MORE than that! THAT is the gospel in action. One homeschooling mom of six caring for the orphan. (Matthew 18:12)
  • A group of grandmas at my church get together every year and make fleece blankets for foster kids in the county. As they adjust their glasses and warm up their hands, they pray over each child that will be wrapped in God’s arms through that blanket. And as they embroider scripture into the corners they are offering Truth—you are worthy of Love, sweet heart; I have a plan and purpose for you; run to Me and I’ll hold you and give you a future. Grandmas loving on God’s kids like they were their own. (Is 61:3)
  • A friend’s church distributes empty baby bottles to their congregation and asks them to fill it with change from their pockets to support the local crisis pregnancy center. Seems simple enough right? Yes! And with each baby bottle full of pennies they are proclaiming: You and your child are valued; your past does not matter because ours doesn’t either; God’s future is full of hope; He is our husband and we’ll be that for you and your precious baby. You will not be a widow, your child will not be an orphan. What do you need? We are here.  One Midwest church and bottles full of change. (Psalm 68:5)
  • A local couple passionate about domestic foster adoption arranges Adoption Info Nights at area churches. They bring their story, the resources they are aware of and a plate of cookies then ask the Holy Spirit to move. They don’t claim to be adoption experts, but they can share the need and how they didn’t think God could use them and then He did and it was hard, but it is awesome and you should step out in faith too. I love it! You don’t have to be a preacher to testify. I betchya the Holy Spirit’s favorite movement is through a story and a plate of cookies. (2 Tim 4:2)
  • A stay-at-home mom friend got her real estate license to make some occasional extra cash for her family. She also wanted a way to give towards adoption & foster care so she writes into her contracts that a portion of her commission is dedicated to orphan care. Each family that buys/sells a house with her is automatically giving to an agency that cares for foster & orphaned children. Complete strangers are going to care for God’s children whether they want to or not. It’s kinda brilliant!  (Deut 24:19)
These are just a few creative cares that are happening in my little neck of the woods. I’m sure there are a gazillion different & unique ways to care for God’s most vulnerable. It’s fun to think about when the excuses are taken away…money, time, location, support are all non issues. The possibilities are endless!  

How creative can you get?  What can you do? What would happen if you used the talent God gave you and the time available to you?? (Phil 2:13).  Miracles! 



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