Bladder Exstrophy: Calming Your Fears

April 15, 2019 adopting a boy, bladder exstrophy, Family Stories, older child adoption, Urogenital System, WACAP 4 Comments

In late fall of 2016, my husband I decided to pursue adoption. We mulled over what ages we would consider since we had other children and were “older parents” in our 40s. We decided that the perfect age would be somewhere around 4 years old. (I have now learned that when it comes to matters …Read More

Our Boy Forever

June 19, 2018 adoption realities, Attachment, attachment challenges, Megan V., older child adoption, rages, trauma 1 Comments

The end of the school year can do crazy things to us. Make us do and say things we cringe about later, our brains and hearts a haze of goodbyes and remembering to bring sprinkles to the Kindergarten Memory Day. And then there are the days afterward, in which no one is getting enough sleep …Read More

Meeting Our Girl With Special Eyes: Part 1

April 19, 2018 attachment activities, congenital blindness, Family Stories, Gotcha Day, micropthalmia, older child adoption, Sensory System, vision issues, vision loss 1 Comments

Lydia is our first adopted child. She is our first girl, and we had never before parented a seven year old. We didn’t have any experience working with visually impaired or even special needs children. We never dreamed we would have a child who was blind. But our hearts changed after learning about this precious, …Read More

Four Little Heartbeats

February 6, 2018 adopting again, amniotic band syndrome, complex heart defects, developmental delays, February 2018 Feature - Heart, Heart System, Orthopedic, profound deafness, Sensory System, toddler adoption, virtual twins 5 Comments

I’m a mama to four heart babies. And this is our story of becoming a family… our story of going from no children to four children in 15 months. This is our crazy, wonderful life. It was a big day. It was the day my husband messaged me at work and told me that he …Read More

Waiting for You: Benjamin

January 20, 2018 Family Found 0 Comments

Benjamin was born March of 2015, his smile is just about the cutest thing we have ever seen! Benjamin is an optimist! Sunny Benjamin has an adorable giggle! As a favorite at the orphanage, the caregivers love to tease Benjamin to get him to smile and laugh. He loves the personal interactions. When he hears …Read More

Helena Waits for a Family

January 16, 2018 Family Found 0 Comments

This beautiful little girl is Helena, is 7 years old and is listed with Holt International! Helena has spina bifida, including sacrococcygeal meningocele and tethered cord. She is an active girl who can walk, stand on one foot, skip, and catch a ball. She can draw a person, tie her shoes and pick up a …Read More

Waiting for You: Abriana

December 28, 2017 Family Found 0 Comments

Abriana is 2 years old (girl, born May 2015) and she is postoperative for congenital heart disease. This beautiful baby needs a family as soon as possible. Though she has had the Glenn procedure, she may need urgent care upon coming home. Families should be willing to medically expedite her adoption. Abriana is listed with …Read More

Waiting for You: Aubrey

November 22, 2017 Family Found 2 Comments

Aubrey is a beautiful six-year-old girl, born with beta thalassemia major and a congenital heart defect (ASD). Aubrey is receiving transfusions, but likely not nearly as often as she needs. Aubrey will probably need frequent transfusions for her first couple of months home to help get her hemoglobin back up to a good number. From …Read More

Revealing Hidden Treasures

October 26, 2017 adopting again, adopting two at once, Advocacy, Developmental System, Down syndrome, large families, October 2017 Feature - Developmental 3 Comments

I wasn’t one of those amazing people who aspires to adopt a child with Down syndrome from a young age. Neither did I ever imagine that I would become an advocate for children with Down syndrome waiting to be adopted. I, like most people, was fairly ignorant of what Down syndrome, or “Trisomy 21” actually …Read More

Meet Charlene!

September 2, 2017 Family Found 0 Comments

Charlene (Born August 2012) loves all kinds of games and toys: puzzles, building with blocks, listening to books, and hide-and-seek! She especially likes playing with her closest friend. She really enjoys being outside, whether it’s a quiet area of the village or a crowded street. Charlene is diagnosed with bilateral schizencephaly, a difference in her …Read More

A Life Donated: Part 4

July 11, 2017 A Life Donated, Andrea O., complex heart defects, end stage cardiac disease, heart transplant, single ventricle heart disease, terminal diagnosis 0 Comments

Rini, our youngest of six children, was adopted in August of 2013 at end stage heart failure stemming from complex, single ventricle congenital heart disease. She was admitted to the hospital immediately upon arrival home and within two weeks it was determined that she was inoperable, her only hope would come through cardiac transplant. She …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Hedley

July 1, 2017 Family Found 0 Comments

This is a special post for me to write. It’s special because, even thought I don’t personally know this child, I have personally met her foster mama and know what great care she’s getting. I know how loved on she is while she waits for her forever mama to see her. You see, this precious …Read More

Waiting for You: Shaw

April 22, 2017 Family Found 2 Comments

Shaw is a precious three year old boy who waits for a family of his own. He is currently listed with WACAP with a $2,000 grant. He needs someone to help him put a smile on his sweet little face. Shaw’s primary special is transfusion dependent thalassemia. He also has some cardiac issues which may …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Libby

April 20, 2017 Family Found 0 Comments

Libby (born January 2015) is a cheerful little girl who loves to play outside in the sun, and go to the supermarket. She laughs out loud when amused, and loves listening to music; she has learned how to twist the volume on the radio. She is currently listed with WACAP. In March 2016 she was …Read More

Advocacy: The Profound Ripple Effect

April 20, 2017 a father's perspective, adopting a boy, adoption community, Advocacy, Beyond Adoption, other ways to care for the orphan 1 Comments

“Why are we here?” It is a question many people ask themselves through their life journey. Answers come in many forms through prayer, hope, and helping others.   But now imagine yourself as a person who was abandoned by his or her biological parents. How can you, and that child, find solace? You are reading …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Nani

March 30, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 6 Comments

It took waaaay too long, but adorable Nani’s file is finally complete. She is ready for her family to find her and bring her home! Nani is 5 years old and designated to Children’s House International. Nani is talkative and likes to listen to music. She loves to sing! She likes to play games with …Read More

Joshua Waits

March 28, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 2 Comments

Joshua is a precious 5 year old who is waiting for a family of his very own. Joshua has round head and face, ready to smile and clever. He is active, restless and extroverted. At the age of 1year, he can not speak much, can express his happy and angry with smiling and crying, can …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Mary Beth

March 16, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 0 Comments

Sweet Mary Beth recently turned 7 years old – such a fun age, yet Mary Beth has experienced such loss in her young life. Mary Beth spent her first five years with her parents, turning up at an orphanage in December of 2014. It is unknown whether her gender or her special needs caused her …Read More

Waiting for You: Cassie

March 14, 2017 Family Found, Liberty 4 Comments

2 1/2 year old Cassie is a precious little girl who is listed with Wide Horizons For children’s Individual List. Cassie is described as a social and outgoing little girl who loves music, dancing, and playing with her peers. She always has a big smile for her friends. Cassie was born with Down Syndrome and …Read More

Waiting Child Highlight: Evan

February 24, 2017 Family Found 1 Comments

This cutie is Evan. Evan was estimated to be 4 years old when he was abandoned. He is now believed to be six, soon to turn seven. His abandonment was likely due to the high cost of blood transfusions, which he needs to treat his medical condition of Thalassemia. We are guessing that his family …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Maverick

February 16, 2017 Family Found 1 Comments

Maverick is 2 years old and the only special need listed in his file is that he is HIV+. Maverick is adorable! He is said to be positive, active and has a ready smile! It seems like he is bonded to his caregivers and looks for their approval. He learned to walk at 16 months. …Read More

Find My Family: Toby

January 30, 2017 Family Found 0 Comments

Meet Toby! Toby is an introverted and quiet little boy. In general, he is a sweet boy who is close to his caretakers. He is somewhat independent though and plays alone well. One of his favorite activities is being read to and looking at pictures in books. Toby is listed with AAC Adoption. Toby recently …Read More

Little Did We Know

January 23, 2017 complex heart defects 4 Comments

Seven years ago, on this very day, we boarded a plane for China. Little did we know… Little did we know how fuzzy your little head would be, or that you had the most beautiful dimples, or that you had the sweetest voice ever. Little did we know how brave you would be. Little did …Read More

No Hands But Ours: Looking Back at 2016…

January 17, 2017 2016 in review, Advocacy, Year in Review 1 Comments

2016 was an amazing year for No Hands But Ours. Hundreds of posts shared. Twelve special topics featured. Guest series. Family stories. Book reviews. Recipes. And advocacy posts written that turned faces across the sea into treasured sons and daughters. Here is just a glimpse of all we shared… …………………… A Look Back by the …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Danielle

January 12, 2017 Family Found 0 Comments

Introducing precious Danielle! Danielle was born in November of 2012 was admitted into the CWI in January of 2013. Her special needs are macroglossia, heart disease, and hypertrophy of limbs on the right. Danielle was found abandoned at the park in January of 2013. When she was first admitted to the CWI, her height was …Read More

Child Who Waits: Seth

January 10, 2017 Family Found 0 Comments

Meet Seth! Little Seth is 5 years old and is on Wide Horizons For Children’s Individual list. He lives in one of their orphanage partnerships so I have met with him a few times. Seth is described as a social butterfly! He loves playing with the other children at the orphanage. He is quick to …Read More

Aging Out Child: Bryce

December 30, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Bryce is AGING OUT! Bryce is 13 and has less than a year to find his forever family. His birthday is October 2003. His file was just prepared and his agency is hopeful his family will see him! Bryce is quiet, polite and very focused. During an agency trip he did an art activity with …Read More

Child Who Waits: Zachary

December 28, 2016 Family Found 2 Comments

This huggable little guy is Zachary! He looks like he’s ready to be scooped up in your arms, full of giggles! Zachary was born in August of 2013. His file was prepared 11/2015 so this information is a year old. He has congenital heart disease, with details in his file. He was admitted to the …Read More

Just an Inconvenience

December 15, 2016 congenital blindness, December 2016 Feature - Sensory, Family Stories, older child adoption, Sensory System 4 Comments

J: “Mom, we did four mile repeats today! I ran them all about 6:20.” Me: “Well, can I expect to see a 21 minute 5K on your next race?” J: “Mom, we got to rest five minutes between repeats. You know a race isn’t like that. Oh, and my agricultural instructor wants me to talk …Read More

Find My Family: Austin

November 30, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Austin is the cutest little six-year-old boy around! Austin can go up and down stairs, go down the slide, and ride the wood horse. He can chase and play with other kids. Austin can use a spoon to eat and a cup to drink water. He can put on and take off his clothes and …Read More

The Ledge

November 27, 2016 advanced heart failure, Andrea O., complex heart defect, complex heart defects, Heart System, heart transplant 3 Comments

On November 11, 2013, our 24 month old daughter was in the Cardiac ICU, on the national transplant waiting list, and on ECMO life support due to end stage heart failure. The following day, we would learn that she would receive the gift of life through cardiac transplant. During that tumultuous time, I had many …Read More

Find My Family: Raina

November 22, 2016 Family Found 3 Comments

Raina was born April of 2011. Her special need is listed as ectodactylism of both hands and a right lower limb difference. Raina is designated as Special Focus and her file is with AAC. Raina is 5 years old and is a shy and reserved girl. She gets along very well with peers and caregivers …Read More

Find My Family: Betty

November 18, 2016 Family Found 2 Comments

Beautiful Betty is designated to ATWA. This sleeping little beauty is one and half years old. Her Chinese name was given to her because it means beautiful, don’t you think it’s fitting? She is described as quiet, but has learned to play by herself and will laugh when she is happy. When she’s really happy …Read More

Cameron Waits

November 16, 2016 Family Found 3 Comments

Cameron is 5 years old and is described as extroverted and positive. His file is designated to ATWA. He’s active and outgoing, enough so that he sleeps well! He sounds like a fun loving kid who likes playing balls, drawing, singing, dancing and playing games with kids. He likes helping the caretakers do what he …Read More

Find My Family: Donna

November 10, 2016 Family Found 7 Comments

Donna was born in December of 2007 and admitted into the CWI in December of 2012. Her special need is astigmatism of both eyes. At the time of entering the CWI, Donna’s height is 102cm, weight is 17kg, head size is 47cm and chest size is 49cm. Her general condition was good but her nutritional …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Annabelle

September 21, 2016 Family Found 4 Comments

Oh my. Meet Miss Annabelle. This sweet baby girl is just one year old, and new to the list at HIC. Annabelle came to the orphanage when she was nine months old, and was found to have Down syndrome, and a CHD (ASD – report is in her file). You can read more about Down …Read More

Our Red Thread of Hope: An Advocacy Success Story

September 21, 2016 adopting a boy, Advocacy, Family Stories, pre-adoption, referral, should we adopt?, switching agencies, waiting for referral 4 Comments

The Chinese have an ancient proverb that says, “An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break.” Back in July 2015, the Lord called our family out of the Ethiopia adoption program, where had waited for over …Read More

Urgent Aging Out Child: Victoria

September 20, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Sweet 13-year-old Victoria was found at the age of three, but just now had an adoption file prepared. She is now available to be adopted thanks to a new orphanage partnership with Madison Adoption Associates. Victoria is a Hep B carrier, but is otherwise healthy. She has just under 7 months to find a family …Read More

Urgent Aging Out Child: Elijah

September 18, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Elijah is a boy with a BIG heart who is waiting for his family! If you are thinking of adding to your family then Elijah just might be the one. This boy is AMAZING and has less than a year left for his family to get to him! Elijah was found abandoned at the orphanage …Read More

Urgent Aging Out Child: Lily

September 9, 2016 Family Found 46 Comments

Lily is so close to aging out, she has very little time left to be adopted! Sweet, precious Lily has just four more months until she ages out of the system, disqualifying her from international adoption. Lily is almost fourteen years old and is absolutely beloved by her caregivers. She loves crafts and drawing, and …Read More

Find My Family: Mia

September 8, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Recently turned two-year-old Mia is an absolute doll! Mia has Down syndrome. She can make a few sounds and she understands some of what she is hearing or being told. Mia was moved from her orphanage to an experienced foster home in November of 2015. There she is being spoiled by her foster father who …Read More

Find My Family: Seth

September 6, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Adorable 22-month-old Seth lived in the orphanage from the time he was a newborn until January or this year. At that time, Seth was put into the care of a foster family and he has been very close with his foster mother from the start. He also likes having a foster brother and his update …Read More

Thoughts on the Former Shared List Program

August 12, 2016 Advocacy, Agencies, Carrie, CCAI, former shared list program, Gladney, Holt, Lifeline, referral, shared list, special focus 2 Comments

CCCWA has always shown a willingness to try new programs and methods in order to give more children a chance to be adopted. Through the years, many different aspects of the program have changed – sometimes quite suddenly – which initially can cause confusion and anxiety. But with time, agencies and families have adapted to …Read More

RainbowKids, Martha Osborne and the Shared List

August 6, 2016 Advocacy, CCAI, Gladney, Holt, Lifeline, RainbowKids, referral, shared list, special focus, Stefanie 0 Comments

We recently had an opportunity to talk with Martha Osborne, founder of RainbowKids, and ask her some questions about RainbowKids, the recent changes in the Shared List and the impact of those changes on China’s special needs program. ……… Q: Can you tell us more about Rainbow Kids – how did it get started? Our …Read More

Find My Family: Calvin

July 16, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Calvin is a precious little guy from Southern China. He was born February of 2014 and has thalassemia. He has received blood transfusions to help raise his hemoglobin numbers. This cute little guy can walk alone steadily and scribble with a pen. He speaks in short sentences and understands what others are saying to him. …Read More

Find My Family: Tilly

July 14, 2016 Family Found 1 Comments

This precious girl is 2-year-old Tilly! Tilly is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates and is diagnosed as having Down syndrome. Tilly has a good mental state, good diet, and is a deep sleeper. She is quiet, likes to be teased, and has a ready smile. Tilly is able to hold toys on her own …Read More

Find My Family: Sullivan

July 2, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Sullivan, born April 2008, is a shy boy who seemed nervous to talk with agency staff on their trip in April 2016. He stood rocking a little on his feet. He is diagnosed with epidermis bullosa, and had several painful looking blisters on his hands. Caregivers say the blisters mainly appear in the same areas, …Read More

Urgent Medical Need: Gil

June 30, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Gil was born in January 2009 and found abandoned in a hospital when he was 18 months old. He has been diagnosed with severe Thalassemia. He is receiving regular blood transfusions, however, agency reps who have met him and followed his care say his treatment is not sufficient and the ramifications of his disease are …Read More

Find My Family: Carrie

June 8, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Carrie is 2 years old precious little girl. She is listed for adoption with a special need of epilepsy (that is managed with an anticonvulsant) and cerebral dysplasia with no abnormal CT findings. Carrie likes to be picked up by her caretakers to play. Once in the activity room, Carrie is helped to relax her …Read More

Find My Family: Sofia

May 26, 2016 Family Found 0 Comments

Adorable 11-year-old Sofia is listed with Madison Adoption Associates. Sofia is diagnosed with post-op cleft lip and palate. From an update in April: Sofia’s mental development is normal or the same as peers the same age. Her special need no longer affects her life. Sofia is extroverted and active. She is very well behaved and …Read More

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