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January 8, 2015 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Roman was born May 2008. His needs are a mouthful and likely why he still waits: 1. cerebral palsy, strephenopodia of both feet, limited movement; 2. missing of left patella; 3. subcutaneous mass in lumbosacral region, soft.

Outrageously handsome, this boy loves to play with cars! He is adored by his caregivers and children in his orphanage alike. Abandoned at birth, this little man finds himself growing well and learning new skills under the care of the institution where he now lives. He eats well and has had no serious illnesses since his admission. Because he was born with strephenopodia of both feet and a missing patella in his left knee, he pulls himself to a standing position by holding on to furniture. Once he accomplishes standing, he has a megawatt smile to share!

5_20_08 Roman2

His medical history also includes a diagnosis of cerebral palsy. He can dress himself, knows his colors and numbers and is curious to learn. At the age of 8-9 months, his milk intake increase, compare with on admission; he would laugh when teased; other than crying, he can make guttural sound. At the age of 1year, due to his weakened legs, he learns to crawl with hands propping, and can grasp the toy in front of him on his own initiative. At the age of 2.5 years, he can call Yi yi (aunt) loudly when he meets her far away. At the age of 3-4 years, he can stand for a moment with hands holding on the handrail or the support like a desk; he can move forward with hands and hip propping up on the floor; he can get along well with children. Now he has been 5 year sold; every day he adheres to perform the rehabilitation training and he grows whit and fat, is adored by all staffs.

5_20_08 Roman

Since admission he has had no serious illness, but he occasionally had fever, cold when the weather was changing,. By treatment and taking medicines he cured soon, sometimes he had gastrointestinal symptom like vomit and diarrhea which were all treated according to medical orders and the state of the illness has got better soon. He has no history of drug allergy.

Dillon has a $1,000 grant toward his adoption should a family chose to use them. WACAP would likely award him a $2-4,000 grant should a family chose to use them. But he can be adopted by a family using ANY agency. Hoping 2015 is his family year! Please contact the Advocacy Team for more information.

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