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Hello end of summer, to celebrate we have some great links for you to peruse today!

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Andrea looks back on what she has Learned Over the Past Two Years. She shares powerful words which should be seriously considered within our adoption community, “as much as I want to see all of these children be adopted, a family is not doing right by the child by moving forward with an adoption that they feel unequipped for.” Such true words, adoption can be a hard journey, and stepping into it with eyes wide open is so important.

Kelly shares her heart in regard to her daughter’s outward appearance in Scales, Stares and Six Flags. “No longer do I feel the need to shield Jenna from these stares because her skin…her beautiful skin, scales and all…is simply part of who she is. And only a small part.”

Ashley Ann reminisces and shares about her daughter being home for a beautiful Three Years. “Everything is different now. I know her. She knows me. The scared little girl is gone, replaced by a confident, persistent, very opinionated four year old.”

In The Covering of Holiness, Katie wrestles with the disconnect between the church and the plight of the orphan. And she realizes that despite this chasm, despite our sin and our ignorance, we are given the gift of grace, immeasurable and undeserving. “Let’s hold it well.”

Have you watched Clementine’s foot video yet? If you haven’t, you must! And while you are at it, join us in celebrating Clementine making it back home after major surgery and a rocky hospital stay.

And since we are on the subject of cutie patootie little girls, you must go follow DOWNright Worthy, this little one is going places! From her amazing dance moves to her talented dish-towel folding skills, Worthy is definitely one to keep your eye on.


Red Thread Advocates posted some amazing articles this month, go check out this entire site which is ran by a group of inspiring adoption and orphan advocates. Here are a few highlights from August: Welcome to China; I Was Yours, and You Were Mine-The Day We Met; and Orphanage Visit-To Go or Not To Go.

Pull out the tissues as you read about 2 Boys, 2 Journeys, Reunited by 1 Amazing God! “You know, each of us are on a journey. Our journeys are filled with ups and downs and scary moments of uncertainty that make no sense. Rest assured, the eyes of a loving Father are upon you. His plans for you are good. His attention to detail is beyond comprehension.”

Love Without Boundaries hosted the first ever Life Skills Camp for Older Orphaned Teens, such an amazing and needed program. Go read all about it and donate to support the camp for next year.

Do you need a place to ask parents about specific special needs? Maybe you have a referral and you have some questions about what life might look like. Maybe you’d like to meet other families within the China Special Needs community. The Special Needs Resources Facebook group might just be what you need, go check it out.

Dear Mom of an Adopted Child” is a beautiful read lovingly dedicated to all you mamas who display the “fierce determination. The grit. The fight” every single day as you love and connect with your child.

This initiative is so amazing! Please help us in supporting One Less Orphan’s Lucky Bunny Cleft Kit: “Our plan is to supply hospitals and clinics with Cleft Kits to being given to the family the day of birth. If we can help families get through the first few months and connect them with one of the many organizations offering free surgery we believe we can significantly reduce the number of children abandoned.”


Hallie on Adoption Day

Hallie on Adoption Day

In China now (or super soon)…
Elli Our Gift From China
More Than We Can Imagine
Blessings from Ashes
Loman Adoption
I’d Rather be Knitting
Childlike Hope

And just home from China…
Bringing Home Anna (video)
Webb Sight by Faith
Quotes of a Boy Mom
Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Happy Family of 5
Bringing Home Pepper
Vermillion Rules
Strengthen My Hands

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Thank you for joining us for another What We’re Reading edition, see you again soon!


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