When You Don’t Know How to Pray

November 25, 2016 Beyond Adoption, Kelly, other ways to care for the orphan 2 Comments

Our Father in heaven, your name is holy.

You are a good Father. Reveal yourself in deep and simple ways to those who wait.
Let them experience you, the only perfect and ever present Father.


Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

It’s hard to see your Kingdom when things aren’t the way you designed them to be.
Set the world right.

Give us all this day our daily bread.

You are a generous giver and provider. Act in line with who we know you are.

Multiply the loaves and fish and bottles of milk. And, multiply the hands and the willingness of the hearts behind those hands to provide what each child needs. As they do that over and over again, multiply the connection between each child and each caregiver so that providing daily bread means a lot more than simply daily bread.


Forgive us for how we have fallen short. Help us to forgive others for falling short.

We confess that we focus more on how we are different than how we are alike. Change that.
Fill me with understanding and compassion instead of judgment.
Help us to see ourselves more as one community — birth parents, caregivers, foster parents, advocates, and adoptive parents.

Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us.

Guard my heart and teach me to do the same.
Guard the hearts of the children who wait and the caregivers in charge of them.


Yours is the Kingdom.

We know you are the One ultimately in charge.
You’re the director of all the orphanages known to us and unknown to us.
You’re the director of the CCCWA.
It’s all yours.

Yours is the power and the glory forever.

Show your power even in the most broken places.
And, when you do, help all of us see and experience your power and glorify you.




2 responses to “When You Don’t Know How to Pray”

  1. Libby moore says:

    Beautifully said. Thank you

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