Waiting to be chosen: Bates, Canaan, and Heathton

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It’s all about the boys today!

“Listen” as these Storytellers from America World Adoption – Journey of Hope – share their stories about three darling boys.

Meet Bates:

This cute little boy grabbed my attention at the opening ceremony as he made wantons out of play dough during craft time. Whenever I saw him, he was always smiling and laughing. He is great around kids and acts like an older brother to those who are younger. He might be shy at first, but once he gets to know you, he will become more open and wild. He is a very energetic and upbeat kid. He loves to play outdoors, he especially likes biking. He also loves to play with legos, but one of his favorite hobbies is to dance. During the Sports Festival he was one of the quickest and most competitive little boys. If you have been thinking about adoption, please look into this little boy who just wants a forever family to be able to share all his amazing talents and love.

Another team member share about Bates:

Bates is a smart little boy with a fun personality and a contagious smile. He has great gross motor skills…running, jumping, hopping and balancing on one foot. He said he loved to dance and ride his tricycle! His fine motor skills were on target as well. He can write with a pencil, build beautiful creations with Legos and has mastered chopsticks like a pro! Bates’ caregivers report that he is kind and compassionate, friendly and easily occupies himself when he has extra time. During our time with Bates, he had great communication skills, demonstrating very good expressive and receptive language. His diagnosis of hydrocephalus does not appear to have slowed this smart boy down in the least. The redness on his face and neck appeared to be a port wine stain and does not seem to be causing any issues for him. His overall health was very good.

We feel that Bates would transition very well into a family because of the strong bond we saw between him and his caregivers. It was obvious that he was well-loved and well cared for and knew how to love in return.

He is a precious boy and would be a blessing to any family.

Meet Canaan:

I met Canaan on my first day. He reminded me a little bit of my brother when he was about five or six years old. Like my brother, Canaan had soul searching eyes. He was quiet and inquisitive about his surroundings, but I could tell he was looking me over. He would look me straight in the eyes as if he were searching for something from me, but when I asked if he wanted anything he would quietly shake his head and pick up a toy and play.

Canaan can dress himself and take care of his hygiene appropriate to his age. He follows instructions and speaks and is learning English. He can juggle and toss balls in the air and loves to play. He runs and jumps and kicks the ball.

We started a game another adult and four children including Canaan on our third day. We took a parachute and a beach ball. The object was to keep the ball in the parachute, but make it go around by waving the parachute and lifting it up in different areas. We had a lot of fun, and the children were quite good at it. Canaan wanted to get on the floor under the parachute to experience what that was like. Everyone was laughing. Typically, he is quiet around other children and does not usually interact with them much and prefers playing by himself, but occasionally Canaan likes join in.

I was told Canaan did not like to be held or hugged and during my visit with him, I respected that. However, I have to tell you that was hard to do because like all the other children as they came around me to play, it was a natural thing to hug them. The children were constantly coming up to us for a little hug, but not Canaan. He spent a lot of time circling me, as if he really needed to know me, but he looked like a little boy in need of a hug. On the third day, as we were playing, the group of children and I were having so much fun. Canaan was sitting next to me, I wasn’t really thinking… and before I could stop myself, I reached over and put my arms around Canaan. Guess what happened? He leaned right into that hug like we were best friends

Canaan has been diagnosed with autism and is in need of a forever family to call his own. We’d love to see Canaan home for Christmas next year!

And now meet Heathton:

Heathton is four years old. From the moment we met him, he stole our hearts. In the middle of a crowded room, he would make the decision that you were the one -for that particular moment who would receive his “love hugs”. So whether it was hugging your leg or wrapping his arms around your neck and laying his body into a leaning hug onto your back, you knew that for that moment, you had been blessed by Heathton’s love hug.

Heathton is nonverbal, but is a very busy little boy, wanting to walk everywhere and be in the center of what you are doing.

His forever family would be very busy keeping up with Mr. Heathton!

We are confident that a special family seeking God’s will would know the Lord has chosen them to care for this very special little boy.

Heathton will likely require a life-time care commitment from a very special family.

Is God calling you to be Heathen’s forever family?

Please contact the America World China staff at china@awaa.org if you are interested in any of these precious boys.

To learn more about the China waiting child process visit awaa.org.

*These files are special focus and can be pursued by a family at any stage of the process.

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