Urgent Medical Need: Owen

April 24, 2017 Children Who Wait 3 Comments

Owen is a precious 9 year old boy who is currently living in an amazing foster home near Beijing.

Owen quickly adjusted to his new foster home and reports that he likes it there. He has become a kind big brother to many of the younger children living there. He wishes to have a family of his own and hopes that can be adopted by loving parents.

Owen has thalassemia and does best with regular transfusions. He has started attending school and loves studying and learning. He is described as very smart, gregarious, clever and polite. He can complete a lego set independently and very quickly. He has good language skill, likes to do crafts, read books and listen to music.

Read more about Owen in this post.

Owen’s file is designated to Hawaii International Child, please contact them directly for more information on reviewing his file or beginning the adoption process.

3 responses to “Urgent Medical Need: Owen”

  1. Sue says:

    FYI: Hawaii International has this child designated as Matched on their website

  2. Brett Butler says:

    I hope that “matched” means he’s found his forever family but I follow his foster home’s website religiously and don’t see an asterisk which indicates it’s a “done deal”. I am only writing this in case someone interested sees this and thinks he’s already claimed when he might not be.

    Thank you for letting me comment. I pray that I’m wrong and that this dear boy has his family coming.

  3. Brett Butler says:

    I just looked at their website and while there IS a child named Owen listed as matched, it is not this little boy.

    Perhaps he has another name by which he’s registered with his agency than he is here. Please check the photos of available children to confirm.

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