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May 2, 2017 Children Who Wait, Chris 0 Comments

I’m so thrilled to advocate for sweet Holly. I met this precious little girl when she was a baby! Let me introduce you to her….

Holly is a beautiful 7 year old little girl with CP.

She arrived at the orphanage as a newborn and was transferred as a one-week old infant to a group foster care home and then subsequently to a private foster care situation. She has never lived in an institution.

Holly has physical limitations resulting for her CP. She cannot walk or stand by herself. However, she can crawl to where she wants to go, she can sit in a wheelchair and she can stand holding onto a handrail.

Holly can feed herself and drink by herself. She loves to hold books and look at them as well as drawing and coloring. Her CP also affects her speech, but she can say simple words.

The former director of the group foster home who has known Holly since she was an infant is convinced that Holly does not have an intellectual disability. She has no problem understanding what other people are saying or doing around her, she interacts with other children and tries to join in their games or conversations. She also has found ways to communicate her needs.

Holly will do so well in a family.

Her personality is sweet, kind and loving. She is always happy and would bring so much joy to a family.

This little sunshine will need a family that has access to physical and speech therapies, as well as assistive technologies that would allow Holly to communicate. Her family would also need to be prepared to have a wheelchair in the home.

Holly’s family will be blessed with a sweet treasure who is sure to bring love and joy to their hearts.

*Holly’s situation is becoming dire. She has been listed for adoption since November 2015. The funds are running low for her foster care arrangement and there is a risk that she will have to return to the orphanage if a family does not come forward for her.

Holly’s file is currently with Holt International. Contact Jessica Zeeb at to review her file and additional information, photos and videos provided by the foster home

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