Waiting to be Chosen: Scarlett

July 26, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Scarlett was born April of 2016 and she waits to be chosen by a family! She is newly designated to WACAP.

Scarlett is a tiny baby girl even though caregivers say she has a very hearty appetite! She is described as a quiet baby who doesn’t cry often. She enjoys playing with familiar children, and likes colorful toys that make sound.

Scarlett is diagnosed with arthrogryposis that affects her arms and legs, and she also has a small red birthmark on her forehead. When WACAP staff visited in August 2016, she appeared able to move her arms a little and her elbows could bend. Her feet appeared clubbed, and her hips seemed affected. When lying on the floormat she could raise her head up and kick her legs. She was able to grip objects with her hands, but had a stronger grip with her right hand. The medical exam in her file also lists a diagnosis of brain damage, but there is no head scan, mention of delays, or further information on why this diagnosis was given.

As of October 2016 Scarlett can roll over, and turns when her name is called. She falls asleep easily without crying after she has her bottle. Her nannies describe her as a cute and clever little girl.

Scarlett’s biggest need is for a family to call her own! Please email WACAP for more information on adopting Scarlett!

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