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October 12, 2017 Children Who Wait 1 Comments

Look at this crinkled up face smile. Doesn’t it make you want to tickle his belly just to see it?

This sweetie is Adrian who is 3 years old and is waiting for his family to find him. He is a boy who celebrates sunshine. He adores being able to be outside and in the sun. He is also happy with toys, especially those that make sounds. He likes music. He will burst out in belly laughs when being teased and will flash a brilliant smile to his caregivers when they call his name. He is beginning to babble and can verbally interact with others. He is reported to have a more quiet and introverted personality and is content playing by himself when it’s crib time. But his video shows that he would much rather be held than in the crib if he has a choice.

Adrian is diagnosed with Hemophilia A and his caregivers advise that he bruises quite easily so they watch him carefully. He also had surgery for a subdural hematoma as a newborn.

Here are some family stories to give you more information about adopting a child with this need (and what life with this need looks like).

Adrian is currently listed with CHI. For more information about adopting Adrian please email CHI Specialist Nina Thompson.

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  1. Sarah says:

    For anyone looking to adopt him, Hemophilia and other bleeding disorders have one of the IMO best support systems, especially in New England. There are programs at the state, regional and national levels to guide you through it. A quick google will pull up multiple organizations in your area that will teach you the ins and outs including how to infuse and teach him (when he’s older) to self infuse, and I believe all of them are free if not very cheap ($15-20 range) Trust me, if you’re going to adopt someone with special needs hemophilia (especially type A) is a great choice

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