Usher Waits for a Family

October 14, 2017 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Meet Usher, a gorgeous baby boy who is just turning two this month. He is waiting for his family to find him.

The perplexing diagnosis on his English translation says “cerebral agenesis” but his Chinese characters actually translate to “brain dysplasia” which makes a bit more sense as that is something we often see in the reports from China meaning there is a brain scan difference. Usher has no brain scan in his reports, nor mention of one being done but there is high muscular tension noted in his left hand. Video and photos show this difference.

Language expression and cognition: he knows his name; he will turn head when being called; he likes to babble to express needs or draw people’s attention; he will laugh when being teased.

Emotion and sociability: he likes to be taken care of or held by familiar early education teacher; can well respond to the nanny and foster parents’ attention; if the nanny makes a high five, he will respond; if you talk to him, he will make sounds or smile; he can turn head and make eye contact or use body to communicate with people; he can look for sound source (voice, sound of bell, etc.).

Hobby and personality: he is a cheerful, active and restless child; he likes to smile; he will smile more when seeing familiar people; he is very interested in toys that can make sounds, move or strongly stimulate sense organs.
Favorite activity: listen to music, play drum
Favorite toy: drum, car, rubber ball

Motor and physical development: he likes to play feet when lying on back; can grasp right foot and pull off the sock, very strong; when lying on stomach, he can raise the body with hands’ support; he can support the body with the strength of abdomen, and reach out one hand to play and use the other hand to support; he can raise one hand to take the bell hung to the shelf; he can sit on the floor mat with the help of the nanny; can hold waist and back straightly; can freely turn to sides; right hand can grasp a toy; can slowly rotate on abdomen; due to high muscular tension of left hand, his hand always makes fist; when crawling or grasping or holding, his left hand can only assist. Dated Oct 2016″

To learn more about Usher, please email Children’s House International Specialist Nina Thompson.

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