Waiting for You: Georgie!

April 18, 2018 Children Who Wait 5 Comments

Georgie (Born July 2014) is a very talkative little man! He studies carefully and can recognize and name dozens of animals, transportation tools, and musical instruments. He also knows the parts of the body and several colors. Caregivers say he is a smart boy, and a good little helper. Georgie is listed with WACAP!

Georgie received two surgeries for a gastrointestinal need at 3 months and 8 months old, and the caregivers were very attentive in his follow-up care. An ultrasound as an infant revealed a congenital heart defect (ASD), but a year later an ultrasound showed no abnormalities. He is also diagnosed with developmental delays.

As of August 2017 he can go up and down stairs, jump with both feet, and stand on one foot. He asks simple questions like “what is it?” on his own initiative. He is independent, a good sleeper and not a picky eater. He can understand and complete simple instructions from his nanny. However, he can be obstinate, and definitely has his own thoughts! His favorite activities include the slide and playing with a toy car.

This darling boy needs a family who will help him continue to grow! WACAP is offering a $4,000 grant for qualifying families. Email WACAP for more information!

5 responses to “Waiting for You: Georgie!”

  1. Whitney Larkin says:


  2. Robin Cimera says:

    Could I get more info and cost please

  3. Milane huguet says:

    What would be the process for adopting Georgie?

    • Brett says:

      “No Hands But Ours” is perhaps the single most informative website regarding special needs adoptions in China: Your question is far more complex than anyone can answer here -so I wanted to mention that, chances are, everything you need to know via the menu

      Btw I don’t represent NHBO, an agency, etc – I am not even a mom – but have just been following special needs international adoptions for several years now. Please contact an accredited agency – check their reviews, too. The more thorough your initial research, the easier the path will be ahead.

      God bless you and here’s to #oneless.


  4. Milane Huguet says:

    Can you please contact me about Georgie. Thank

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