Urgent Aging Out Child: Shane

June 4, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

How about this ONE? Is there anyone for this one!?!

Sweet Shane ages out next April! Very little time left, especially for a boy in a wheelchair as there are so very few families willing to open their hearts to older boys and/or kids in wheelchairs.

Shane’s future in China is likely very bleak. Is there anyone who will say yes to Shane, giving him a future and a hope??

Please read what one advocate wrote about this beautiful child:

“Shane is a very special little boy I had the opportunity to meet a few weeks ago. He has been in orphanage care all his life and yet at 13 years old he is still waiting. He will age out in April of next year if a family doesn’t move forward soon.

The need his orphanage stated was “spinal deformity” but I was told he can transfer to his wheelchair independently and can walk for a bit with a walker and even join “dance performances” with his class for short amounts of time.

When I met him he was shy and polite and had a beautiful timid smile. A girl in his class started to sing and he joined in. When he finished he said he wasn’t as good as singing as she was and I told him he should do something he enjoyed and was good at. He chose to recite poetry for me. When I asked what he liked he said he liked to read and when I asked what he didn’t like he said “math”.

Things are not accessible in China for someone with mobility issues and his future does not look good for him if he doesn’t find a family. He was really sweet and appropriately shy around strangers but with some encouragement he showed me his art and homework and he was so proud. In his class, there was an older girl matched with a family and he was so genuinely happy for her. There was also a boy who had aged out and the contrast was heartbreaking.

The orphanage is really willing to help find him a family and are willing to give updates.”

Shane is on the shared list. Please contact me here for more info.

You can watch one of his videos here and more here.

Also, Shane (formerly known as Stellan at a previous agency) has a $5000 grant for his adoption from Little People of America. The grant is retroactive and funds will be dispersed to the adopting family once the child arrives home. Paperwork is simple to fill out. Contact Colleen Gioffreda or visit here for more information on the grant from LPA.

– guest advocacy post by Annie

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