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July 22, 2019 Children Who Wait 8 Comments

This one is very special little girl. I did not meet her face to face. As a matter of fact, I had no idea what her face looked like but I knew her. You see, a little over a year ago when we visited my daughter Lizzie’s orphanage, I caught a glimpse of her, only a glimpse but she stole my heart. I saw her as she struggled to keep up. I saw her as she pushed her walker to help her sweet legs and feet that just would not cooperate.

I never saw her face but I saw her and I knew…

I knew I had to ask about her. So I asked my friend to ask the nannies about her. I learned that she had only just arrived and was still adjusting. I learned that her file was not prepared.

But now it is!!

My dear friend is amazing and I am certain never forgot… and now Samantha is ready and waiting for her forever family! Could that family be you?

When my precious friend sent me her picture I was blown away. It was the first time I had seen her beautiful face but somehow she was familiar.

My daughter, Lizzie, kept asking about her and I never thought we would ever know who she was but here we are a year and a half later and I am in awe of all the Lord has done. Please, please ask me about adoption. Please, please ask me about CP.

Please, please consider this precious child whose smile just melts my heart…

From Amy Hart at Small World Adoption: Samantha is 5 years old and is listed as having Cerebral Palsy. This little child is precious!! It is easy to see her sweet personality in her photos and the words in her file. She is compliant, she is a helper, she is doing well in school and within her foster family. It seems she can walk while holding onto something. Her potential is so, so great.

We are praying this ray of sunshine will soon be home with a forever family! For more information please contact Amy at

guest advocacy post by Annie Hamlin

8 responses to “Meet Samantha!”

  1. Lisa says:

    Could your family adopt her? I tried to advocate for 2 of my 4 kiddos from China. Ultimately, MY family adopted them!!! I sadly have yet to get anyone interested in adopting a child from China. Many people are interested but it has gone nowhere.

  2. Jaimie Wolverton says:

    CP seems to be a common special need! I’d like to know more about it and her please. She was left at age 4? Do they know anything else? Thank you

  3. Lisa says:


    Hope this little girl finds a home….CP kids are amazing and so sweet. I love this site because so many kids are listed here and find homes because of NHBO advocating for them. Its hard to care so much about adoption and have everyone I know be afraid to go forward. Hope this little girl gets home soon because she is beautiful.

    • Joel says:

      What a beautiful little girl. She’s adorable & has a great smile. I would love to adopt from China. I’d love to adopt precious Samantha, unfortunately I’m past the age China allows for adoption. I’ll pray Samantha finds her forever family. She obviously has the drive to succeed & I’m sure she will. She deserves a loving, forever family & a family will be blessed to have her!

  4. Joel says:

    She’s adorable! I will pray that she finds her forever family very, very soon! I’m so glad to hear she is a good student. She will bring much happiness to a family. God Bless her!

  5. Lisa Muzik says:

    Age requirement? What? I’m 47 have a club foot, shorter limb- here I am living life, my kids are grown but one who graduates this year… I’ve a home, and empty bedroom and would love to have this little girl. I understand her already! She’s beautiful!

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