40 fundraising families. And a challenge for you.

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Last week we shared the organizations working on behalf of the fatherless in China. 19 incredible organizations that I hope you’ve had a chance to read about and consider how you might partner with one.

Today we are featuring fundraising families. 40 of them.


The too-many-to-count hours spent compiling and formatting the information for this post was a labor of love for both Kristi and myself. After all, we are adoptive mamas and have seen the blessing of adoption first-hand. We also share a passion for seeing the lonely set in families.

On a personal note though, my family has fundraised for several of our adoptions in the past. And we have been overwhelmingly blessed by the support of the adoption community in bringing those children home. Not only in financial support but in prayer support as well.

In September we began fundraising to bring home our daughter Clementine. Clementine has Down syndrome as well as breathing and heart issues and when we traveled for her we ran into some unexpected and terrifying medical issues. But through that, we were able to witness the adoption community – that had supported us financially in bringing her home – rally on her behalf in steadfast prayer. We were and continue to be blessed and astounded by how the Lord involved those around us in answering those prayers.

Clementine is home now and doing incredibly well, and the adoption community had a whole lot to do with that.

Pretty awesome if you ask me.



So if you’re not a fan of adoption fundraising, this isn’t the post for you. Around here we are big fans of it, and all the Lord does through it. When He connects the hearts of those in the body of believers to adopting families to pray for, give to and cheer on from the sidelines, it’s a really beautiful thing.


Please take your time in reading about the following 40 families who are in the process of adopting a child through China’s special needs program. In fact, I am issuing a challenge to everyone who reads this post. Yes, the you I referred to in the title. The you that is sitting right there with your device in hand or is sweat-pants-laden in front of your computer.

I challenge you to come alongside just one of these families represented below and take a part in that child’s story.

Whether you buy a t-shirt, donate $10 or make your biggest donation of the year in your year-end giving, there is a child represented in this post that would be blessed by your stepping off the sidelines and into their story. To make a small sacrifice of your time in prayer and your finances in a donation.

I promise you will be blessed by it.

collierfamilyFamily: The Colliers
Fundraiser: YouCaring



Jeremy and Jessica Collier have LOAs to bring home two year old daughters Esther and Vivienne. “Esther and Vivienne are two years old. They were abandoned at birth and sent to an orphanage to live. Esther was born with malformed hands and feet, malformed ears, hearing obstruction, and poor brain development. Vivienne was born with hydrocephalus, and has recently been diagnosed with cerebral palsy.” To raise funds for this adoption process, the Colliers have had a breakfast with Santa photo fundraiser, a community Christmas wrapping party, and a Chick-Fil-A calendar card fundraiser. You can contribute to their efforts to bring home their 8th and 9th Chinese born children by donating at their YouCaring site.


creamerfamilyFamily: The Creamers
Fundraiser: Miles to China



 John Mark and Amanda Creamer are anxiously awaiting LOA for their four year old son Quinn. To raise funds they are asking folks to sponsor one (or more) of the 5723 miles between their home in Montana and Quinn’s orphanage in Weifang, China. Each $10 or more donation receives a pdf of their The Battle is the Lord’s printable. Head over to their YouCaring site to sponsor one or more miles.


dillfamilyFamily: The Dills
Fundraiser: Etsy Shop
Donate: Go Fund Me



Casey Dill has an Etsy shop set up and offers t-shirts printed with sustainable ink, hand-painted pillows, and other handmade items. The family’s dossier is logged in and they await approvals to bring their daughter home. Visit the Etsy shop or head over to their Go Fund Me page to contribute directly.


dyefamilyFamily: The Dyes
Fundraiser: Flash Auction at Humphrey-Dye House
Blog: Our Family By Design



Jackie and Stacy Dye have a three year old daughter on the other side of the world. In an effort to raise funds for an unexpected adoption, they have a raffle currently running. Check out their family blog to enter to win exciting gifts like a new Coach purse or an Ivy American Girl Doll. Via Facebook you can join an online Flash Auction at Humphrey-Dye House. The family is also accepting direct donations via their Paypal account. Make donations to stacydye@bellsouth.net.


edgellfamilyFamily: The Edgells
Fundraiser: Chinese Take Out Ornaments
Donate: Red Envelope Fundraiser
Blog: The Tiny Knives + Mei Mei



Shawn and Leslie Edgell have one daughter and are awaiting being matched with their second child. To cover the necessary funds for this adoption, they are making and selling adorable fortune cookie and Chinese take out box ornaments. From their site: “For $15, you will receive 2 handmade fortune cookies made from Chinese red envelopes and a miniature Chinese take-out box with a fancy stamp on the side. If you’d like, the message on the slip of paper in the fortune cookie(s) can be customized to include a date that is important to you. Otherwise, I will leave it blank and you can fill in as you desire.” Check out their wares here.


ericksonfamilyFamily: The Ericksons
Fundraiser: T-shirts



Ian and Kim Erickson are working toward bringing home their second daughter, Ruby, home from China. Their t-shirt fundraiser has been set up on their You Caring site. From mom Kim about her new daughter: “Our daughter (Ellira from An Orphan’s Wish) is seven years old. She has spina bifida, scoliosis and repaired clubfoot. We can’t wait to bring her home!”


fitzpatrickfamilyFamily: The Fitzpatricks
Donate: Go Fund Me
Blog: Fitzpatrick Family Homestead



Goose and Gillian Fitzpatrick are raising funds to cover the adoption fees of two little girls, both two and both with Down syndrome. Their oldest daughter knits and crochets crafts to send out as thank yous to those who donate to their Go Fund Me page. “You can learn more about the journey the Lord has us on on our blog here. Thanks so much for considering our family!”


freemanfamilyFamily: The Freemans
Donate: Adopt Together



Brian and Sandra Freeman are thankful this will be their last Christmas without their three year old daughter home. “We are awaiting LID for our dossier. Our precious daughter Annabelle is 3 years old. She has a beautiful sparkle in her videos. She is a little over a year post-op for spinal surgery for spina bifida, and is doing wonderful. Our kids are so excited each evening to pray for her day in China.” Donations can be made at their Adopt Together page.


georgefamily2Family: The Georges
Fundraiser: Christmas Ornaments



Logan and Megan George are giving out Christmas ornaments with a $25 (or more) donation toward the costs of bringing home their fourth child, Fu Mei. From Megan: “We just received our approval from China to adopt a beautiful little girl named Fu Mei. We hope to travel in February or March to bring her home, and we are frantically filling out forms, raising funds, and preparing our home and hearts for this little girl. She has several orthopedic special needs that will require surgery once home, but we believe she is fearfully and wonderfully made, and we cannot wait to show her how cherished she truly is, both to our family and to the King of Kings.” View their ornament and make a contribution here.


hahnfamily2Family: The Hahns
Donate: Pure Charity
Fundraiser: 1 Less t-shirts



Krista Hahn has a Pure Charity fundraiser set up to accept donations toward the in country adoption costs to bring home her 19 month old son. Krista says, “Our son, 19 months, is waiting at Chonqing Love Manor. We are excited to bring him home so we can teach him to not let his special needs define him.” She and her husband are very close in the process and are excited to travel to meet him. Also be sure to swing by their blog as well as their Square Up page to purchase a 1 less t-shirts.


harveyfamilyFamily: The Harveys
Fundraiser: MudLOVE bracelets
Blog: The Harveys Blessings



The Harveys are getting ready to sell their second batch of MudLOVE bracelets to offset the financial cost of bringing home their one year old son. “We just received our home study approval. We are hoping to be DTC in Mid to late January. We have PA for a little boy that just turned 19 months old. We came home with our daughter in February of this year and are so excited to be going back.” Visit their blog here to see what styles/colors are being offered.


haunfamily2Family: The Hauns
Fundraiser: Loved and Spoken For T-shirts
Donate: Adopt Together



Chad and Lauren Haun are stepping out in faith to get moving on the adoption of their daughter who will be their fifth child. “We brought home our amazing & sweet miracle girl, Lucy, last year from China. God has called us to do it again and has placed another precious little girl from China on our hearts! We are naming her Charlie Mae. She needs a mommy and a daddy and a family! When we felt God burdening our hearts once more and saw her file, we knew we had to go back and start this crazy process all over again!” Their t-shirts, Loved & Spoken For, are being sold here or you can go to their Adopt Together page to make a direct donation to their efforts.


hendricksfamilyFamily: The Hendricks
Fundraiser: Puzzle Pieces and Coffee
Fundraiser: Just Love Coffee



Mark and Ashley Hendricks have a Great Wall puzzle fundraiser going on at their blog as well as a coffee and hot chocolate sale going on through Just Love Coffee Roasters. “We are currently halfway through our wait for the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from China. Our new Son is 13 months old and is waiting for us in Guangdong Province, China. We are hoping to have him home in March 2015 and would we extremely grateful for any prayers or donations.” They are also currently collecting items for an auction to be held early in 2015.


henningfieldfamilyFamily: The Henningfelds
Donate: via Madison Associates
Blog: A Piece Waiting in China



Rick and Brooke Henningfeld can’t wait to have their two year old daughter home to play with her eight siblings. “We have 8 children 7 and under at home currently. We have 4 biological boys, twin boys adopted from Ethiopia, a daughter adopted from the China SN program who is deaf, and a son adopted from the China SN program who has beta thalassemia major and we have PA for a little girl from Guangxi who is deaf.” On their family blog you can access their Amazon shopping link and you can donate to their adoption expenses through their agency website here – please be sure the family name is noted when the donation is made.


hudsonfamilyFamily: The Hudsons
Fundraiser: Jesus Hears the Orphan t-shirt
Blog: A Family Made By Love



Jon and Christella Hudson have been filling out grant applications to adopt their nine year old daughter who has cerebral palsy – and are hoping to add a second child to this process. They’ve been in the holiday spirit with a Christmas lights scavenger hunt, are preparing for a t-shirt fundraiser, and have a McDonald’s night on the calendar. Check their blog for details on the t-shirts that are now available for a $15 donation or more. Donations can also be made to their PayPal account via hudsonhome@bellsouth.net


huntfamilyFamily: The Hunts
Fundraiser: One Little Canvas



The Hunt family is racing to complete paperwork and raise funds to bring their two year old daughter home.“We are working on getting a letter to begin a medical expedite as the little girl we intend to adopt has been diagnosed in China with a brain tumor. We are very hopeful this is incorrect but obviously want her home asap to have her evaluated.”Stop by their Etsy shop to purchase hand stamped necklaces, hand stamped cards and a number of beautiful hand painted canvases.


johnsonfamilyFamily: The Johnsons
Fundraiser: YouCaring
Fundraiser: Just Love Coffee
Blog: One More Ladybug



Clayton and Connie Johnson have a YouCaring site set up to accept donations toward the adoption of their son Kohlby. “Our LOA just arrived for our 2 year old Kohlby Zane who waits in China! Kohlby is fearfully and wonderfully made with some special conditions that will require extra attention (HIE). He will be our 9th treasure from China, and we can’t wait to hold him!” Visit their You Caring page to make a donation. And be sure to check out their blog, One More Ladybug, to see all the ways they are working to raise funds to bring Kohlby home… candle sales, Just Coffee fundraiser and Treasure t-shirts.

kirklandfamily2Family: The Kirklands
Fundraiser: Hand Painted Adoption Themed Gifts
Donate: Adopt Together



Sean and Laura Kirkland have a donation page as well as shop with hand-painted adoption themed gifts set up to raise funds to offset the adoption costs for their two year old daughter. “On October 15th, God revealed to us the face of our next little one. Honestly, for us to have found her ourselves would have been like looking for a needle in a haystack. She is 2 years old and shares the same special need as Lucy! It didn’t take long for us to say yes to the next big dream that God had set before us – Bringing Charlotte Mei into the Kirkland Family!” You can learn more about their family at their Adopt Together page. And you can browse the beautiful adoption theme prints, picture frames, mugs, and ornaments at the Kirkland Adoption Shop.


leefamilyFamily: The Lees
Donate: Reece’s Rainbow



KC and Kelly have two precious children waiting in China and have a page through Reece’s Rainbow for donations to be made. “We are adopting two special needs kiddos ages 9 years and 6 years! We have been working so hard all year long and are so excited to be so close to meeting our children. We had our Article 5 drop off on Monday 11/8! Thank you for joining our village and helping us raise the last bit of funds we need to bring our children home.”


longfamilyFamily: The Longs
Fundraiser: YouCaring



Rebecca Long is a single mom with a heart for children without a family. She has saved for four years to be in a position to begin another adoption process and currently has an iPad giveaway going on. Go to her YouCaring site to learn more. Shortly after the iPad is given away, she will be doing an online auction on Facebook and will be offering t-shirts in the near future.


luckiefamilyFamily: The Luckies
Donate: GoFundMe
Fundraiser: Handmade hair bows and headbands
Blog: Praying Lorelei Home



Brent and Kayla Luckie are waiting to receive the referral of a little girl. “We are working on getting all of our dossier documents together. Our agency will not send us referrals just yet but we know we will be adopting a little girl with special needs who is younger than 5.” They have a puzzle piece fundraiser going on now and you can read more about that here. Kayla has also set up a shop to raise funds for their adoption where she sells handmade hair bows and headbands.


massefamilyFamily:The Masses
Fundraiser: YouCaring
Fundraiser: Bracelets for One
Blog: Masse Adoption



Jeff and Julie Mass are not yet matched with a child, but are hard at work raising funds to cover their adoption costs. From Julie: “We have not been matched with a child yet but are working to adopt a 2-4 year old little girl with a medical special need. We believe God has called our family to share His love with a precious child of His.” Visit their Facebook page to view their “Bracelets for One” – handmade leather and glass bead bracelets or go to their YouCaring site to make a donation. You can also check out their family blog here to see the other fundraisers they have – Just Love Coffee and more.


mastersonfamilyFamily:The Mastersons
Fundraiser: YouCaring
Blog: The Journey to Jillian



The Masterson family has a You Caring site set up. “We found our sweet girl in the beginning of September on a data base. We have completed our home study and are waiting on our I-797. Then our dossier will be China bound!” Go here to make a donation. They also are selling high quality candles, art, stationary and apparel through One Mission. Go to their family blog to learn more.


mckownfamilyFamily: The McKowns
Fundraiser: YouCaring



Jay and Traci McKown are selling t-shirts, puzzle pieces and quilt blocks to raise funds to adopt their seventeen month old daughter. From Traci: “We are bringing home a precious little girl from China. She just turned 17 months old. She has been diagnosed with a vision impairment along with a heart defect. We just received USCIS approval and almost LID.” Visit their You Caring site here to see their One Less t-shirt (click on the gallery) as well as make a donation.


meekerfamilyFamily: The Meekers
Fundraiser: YouCaring



The Meeker family is getting ready to expand by two. From Amy: “We are the Meekers. Family of 5 about to become a family of 7. We are currently in process to bring two precious girls home. Carys is 7. She is gorgeous. Her special need is spina bifoda. Her needs are great but we know that GOD is greater! Kelsey Kate is 4 and adorable! Her special need is cerebral palsy.” As Amy and her husband prepare financially, they are offering Joy Unspeakable t-shirts with donations to their YouCaring page. Amy’s recently shared a beautiful guest post on No Hands But Ours about parenting a child with complex special needs. You can read that here.


nollfamilyFamily: The Nolls
Fundraiser: Necklaces
Fundraiser: T-shirts



Josh and Sara Noll are closing in on bringing home their three year old daughter. “We are waiting on our dossier to be authenticated and translated so that we can finally be DTC!!! WE are working to bring home our sweet 3 year old girl from Shanghai who is deaf, has a liver hemangioma and is weak on her right side limbs.” Their When We Love the Orphan t-shirts can be seen on their blog and they are also auctioning necklaces and other items through this Facebook page.


ownbyfamilyFamily: The Ownbys
Fundraiser: BonfireFunds



Jon and Brooke Ownby have a Because one Matters t-shirt sale going on at Bonfire funds to raise money for their adoption. “We have completed our home study and it was bound on 12-12-14. We have already submitted our I800 paperwork to our agency for review. We hope to begin work on our dossier soon. We have asked for a child younger than our son, who is 2 1/2. We didn’t ask for a specific gender.” Click here to see their cool t-shirts and support their efforts to bring home a son or a daughter.


pacefamilyFamily: The Paces
Fundraiser: YouCaring
Blog: The 1:27 Mandate



Jim and Wendy Pace have been matched with a one year old daughter and have several fundraising efforts going on right now. “We have sent in our I800a application and are ready to send documents to China as soon as it is approved. We have received pre-approval for a beautiful little 17 month old that is diagnosed with Congenital Heart Disease and Cerebral Dysplasia.” At their site you can purchase a Love Makes a Family t-shirt, sponsor a puzzle piece, or bid on auction items. They also have a YouCaring site and a page through the Abba Fund.


rogersfamilyFamily: The Rogers
Fundraiser: YouCaring
Blog: Rogers Wonderful Life



Ken and Wendy Rogers has been very busy raising funds to adopt two daughters from China. “We are raising funds for our adoption of two beautiful girls, Gina and Sage. Gina Joy is now 13 years old. We hosted her for 7 weeks in August 2013, and we fell in love. Her file was not ready until July 2014, so we are super anxious to bring her home. Sagelyn Faith, we saw her photo and knew she was our daughter.” There have been online auctions, handmade item sales, and a 31 party. At this point they are offering ornaments, name pillows, essential oils and Advocare. Find details about their fundraisers on their You Caring page.


scealsfamilyFamily: The Sceals
Donate: Go Fund Me



Chaleen Sceals is a single mom excited to be on the adventure of adopting a child from China. There will be an online auction in January and there is currently a “Sing for Joy” challenge. “I am a singl mom of 2, working to bring home a sweet 6 yr old girl- Carlynn Joy. I am currently logged in and am waiting for my official Letter of Approval!” Learn more about her story on her Go Fund Me page here.


scrivenfamilyFamily: The Scrivens
Donate: Reece’s Rainbow



The Scrivens have two biological daughters and were in the process to adopt a third daughter from China. But God had other plans and they brought home a teenaged boy less than a year ago. God continued to work in their hearts and now they are in the process to adopt Luke’s best friend from the orphanage, who they will name Cole. Cole will age out in May. “13 year old Cole (who was listed as Justice on RR), Luke’s best friend from the same orphanage, has stolen our hearts. Cole must be adopted before May 1st before he ages out and is no longer eligible for adoption. We never in a million years would have thought we would go back to China so quickly. How amazing is it that God put these two boys together… who are best friends, and then moved our hearts to adopt BOTH of them!” Donations can be made to help bring Cole home through Reece’s Rainbow.


seaboltfamilyFamily: The Seabolts
Donate: Adopt Together
Blog: Bringing Charlie Home



Stephen and Dawn Seabolt have an Adopt Together site set up for donations to be made toward the adoption of their seven year old son. “We are adopting a 7 year old boy from China who is visually impaired. He is currently living at Bethel. We adopted our 8 year old daughter with albinism from China 5 years ago when she was 3. We have a heart for China, and especially kids with vision impairments. We can’t wait to meet our new son!” You can read more about their family on their blog here.


shawfamilyFamily: The Shaws
Donate: Children’s Lantern
Fundraiser: Feet to Our Faith



Brian and Amy Shaw have a spot on Children’s Lantern to receive donations toward the adoption of their son, Gable. “Our family has recently adopted 3 other children and thought we were complete. Then we found Gable. Fighting a rare cancer alone as an orphan in China, we knew God was calling us to add him to our already crazy, vibrant and busy household.” You can also go to their blog to get information about other fundraising efforts – t-shirts, “love endlessly” notecards, soon to be “love ndlessly” necklaces – to support their family.


tarterfamilyFamily: The Tarters
Donate: Go Fund Me



The Tarters have had several fundraisers to date and are currently collecting items for both an online auction and a large garage sale. From Tammy: “We just finished our home study and our working on our Dossier paperwork. We’ve been matched with a little girl who is 19 mths with limb differences. She is precious and we are crazy in love with her!” They plan to start a cheesecake fundraiser soon but in the meantime you can donate to their efforts on their Go Fund Me site.


vickfamilyFamily: The Vicks
Fundraiser: YouCaring Puzzle Fundraiser



The Vicks have been working hard to raise funds to adopt their young son. “We are adopting a 17 month old baby boy. We are naming him Flint. Both of his ears are deformed and we do not know his hearing abilities. We have taken sign language classes in preparation for his arrival. He was on China’s special focus list. We can not wait to bring him home!” They’ve sold t-shirts, books and done extra work and now with just weeks to travel have a puzzle fundraiser going. $5 sponsors one piece of the puzzle in bringing Flint home.


vogelzangfamilyFamily: The Vogelzangs
Donate: Reece’s Rainbow
Fundraiser: Photography Cards



Adam and Carin Vogelzang have a sweet angel waiting and donations can be made toward her adoption through Reece’s Rainbow. “We are adopting a 3 year old girl with Down Syndrome. She is the most beautiful and amazing little girl in all of China. We adopted their daughter Pearl (who also happens to have Down Syndrome) in 2013 and we can’t wait to bring these two girls together to be forever sisters!” Anyone making a donation of $50 or more will receive a beautiful set of photography note cards. Cards can be viewed here.


whitefamilyFamily: The Whites
Donate: YouCaring



Johnathan and Paige White are almost done with their adoption paperwork and are waiting on a referral. They have two biological children and are bringing home a daughter from China through the special needs program. “We are so excited about our adoption! We are at the end of paperwork and just waiting on our 1-800A approval to bring home a girl 3 or under with minor special needs from China.” Visit their You Caring page to read more.


womackfamilyFamily: The Womacks
Fundraiser: Bracelets, Coffee and more



The Womack family is in the process of bringing home a little boy from China. “We are currently waiting on USCIS approval and hope to be DTC in early January. We are adopting a little boy who will be 4 in January. He has Down Syndrome. This is our fourth adoption, second of a child with DS.” Visit their blog for more information on all the ways you can support them in their funddraising efforts through bracelets, necklaces, Just Love Coffee and t-shirt sales.

So did you find one or more that you’re ready to support? I hope so. If you’re inclined, I’d love it if you’d consider sharing how you chose to step off the sidelines and get involved in one child’s journey into their forever family. Feel free to leave a comment here or on our FB page, I know it will be an encouragement to others considering how they might take part as well.

And please consider sharing this post on FB, too. You might just be one person, and I might just be one person. But together we can make a big difference for these very special children and their families.


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