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Advocating for Children Who Wait is an important part of what we do here on No Hands But Ours. We celebrate with great joy every time we learn that there is a Family Found for one of these children.

Today we would like to share four children who were highlighted on NHBO who now have families paper chasing to bring them home. Adoption is very expensive and these four families are actively fundraising to cover the expenses. We would love for our readers to partner with these four children and their families and help support their efforts to help bring them home.



We first shared sweet Hope with you in a beautiful post making the point that children waiting with hydrocephalus matter. Hope had untreated hydrocephalus and was doing very poorly. We later shared an update on Hope which showed a snippet of the fighting spirit inside of her. Her update was, for the lack of a better word, filled with hope.


The Farley family has stepped forward for Hope and are fighting to medically expedite her adoption. Read more about their story and donate toward their adoption fund here.



Judah is a little guy who is living with the diagnosis of beta thalassemia major in an area of China which has a severe blood shortage. We highlighted Judah’s urgent need to find a family last August in this post.


The Wachter family is pursuing Judah’s adoption, they are already well-versed with the care of thalassemia major and are in the process of completing his medically expedited adoption. Read more about this beautiful child and donate toward his adoption here.



Poppy is a sweet girl who has grown to be very loved within the China adoption community. We shared her profile on NHBO and many other advocates shared about her as well. And despite her beautiful face, her file held many question marks, and updates were near impossible to obtain.


It was with great joy that we were able to share the Walker family’s announcement of their stepping forward in faith for Poppy. They are now actively fundraising to complete her adoption, go here to support them.



Emma is a sweet girl who had all but given up on ever being adopted. She saw others being adopted and was sure no one would ever chose her. We shared this beautiful girl’s story with you and soon after that post her family found her and committed to her adoption.


To donate to the Hudson’s adoption of Emma, please visit their blog to learn how to support them.


We have no greater joy on NHBO than to see children find their forever families. Thank you for sharing in our rejoicing and thank you for supporting these families!

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