What to Expect in China: Things We Wish Adopters of Our Little Ones Knew

March 31, 2019 March 2019 Feature - In China, orphanage realities, What To Expect 18 Comments

For so many brand new parents of Chinese adoptees, the time spent in China is the most anticipated and intimidating portion of the adoption process. You’re finally able to hold your child in your arms; to emotionally and legally welcome them into your family. But, well…it’s China. It’s pretty different. As we adopted our beautiful …Read More

Meet Melody!

March 29, 2019 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Melody, born in January of 2013, is a little peanut who couldn’t be cuter! Melody knows the nanny who takes care of her and is very close to her. She is described as smiley, shy, and energetic. She recognizes the other children in her room and enjoys playing with them. Melody feeds herself with a …Read More

What to Expect: The Sisterhood

March 23, 2019 adoption community, China trip, March 2019 Feature - In China, Megan V., prepping for China, What To Expect 0 Comments

Trying to prepare someone for an adoption trip to China is literally like trying to prepare someone for giving birth. It will hurt. It will be expensive. It will be smelly and there might be blood and there will be tears. It will be so sweet. It will be surreal; you will come as one …Read More

Twins! Meet Ames and Auggie

March 20, 2019 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Ames and Auggie are adorable twin boys born in February of 2016. Ames and Auggie currently live in the orphanage. They have both been in a Lily Orphan Care Center (LOCC) since March of 2016. Ames has not had any recent illnesses and has been in good health, but he has been receiving rehabilitation training. …Read More

Find My Family: Johnny

March 16, 2019 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Johnny was born in April of 2008 and is diagnosed as having a deformed skull, strabismus, and a mouth that slants to the right. It is very likely that he has hemifacial microsomia. He was reported to have normal physical development and a ready smile. Sadly, Johnny’s file was prepared when he was an infant …Read More

What to Expect: A Letter to Traveling Families

March 14, 2019 China trip, Gotcha Day, March 2019 Feature - In China, prepping for China, Rebecca, travel tips, What To Expect 4 Comments

Dear Soon to Travel Adoptive Family, If I could go back now, these are the words that I’d whisper to my own pre-trip heart. My hope is that they’ll fall gently, offer a bucket of grace, excite your spirit, and speak to your heart. Before our first adoption trip, I was giddy with joy and …Read More

Waiting Child Spotlight: Jerry

March 9, 2019 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Jerry is a cute little boy, born in June of 2017… so he is just one year old! He is closest to his caretaker and likes to play with baby toys. Jerry has motor and language delays, but has been receiving rehabilitation training and early education as well. When his file was prepared in August, …Read More

The Beginning of Forever: What to Expect in China

March 6, 2019 China trip, Gotcha Day, March 2019 Feature - In China, prepping for China, travel tips, What To Expect 0 Comments

I had read all our agency’s material, devoured everything I could find on NHBO that may prepare us, had my parents retell their stories of China over the course of adopting five times. I even dug deep in the recesses of my memory to relive every detail of my time in Beijing, Xi’an, Guangzhou and …Read More

Waiting to be Chosen: Magnolia

March 2, 2019 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Magnolia is a precious little girl, born in August of 2013, and described as extroverted and sweet tempered. And, oh my goodness, those cheeks! She is fairly active, talkative, and has quick reaction time. Magnolia enjoys singing and listening to music. She gets along well with others and likes playing outdoors with her friends and …Read More

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