it’s all from the waist down

March 11, 2010 hydronephrosis, incontinence, Kris 2 Comments

  Yesterday was our first spinal defects clinic, where we met with her entire ‘team’, including her neurosurgeon, urologist, pediatrician, orthopedist, developmental psychologist (or was he a psychiatrist??), physical therapy, social worker, gastroenterology specialist, and her nurse practitioner who connected us to all of these people. It was here we discussed and learned about her …Read More

taking down the "adult adoptee" post

January 19, 2010 Kris 7 Comments

In the interest of this site, I took down the post about the “adult adoptee”. I would like to say that I am no expert and as I said in the original post, “maybe I’m naive and am missing a valid point”. for those of you who know me, you know that I am the …Read More

the best laid plans

December 11, 2009 Kris 25 Comments

I was married for 6 years to the man I believed to be the absolute love of my life. We had a good relationship, although looking back, I see so clearly the flaws that were ignored (in both of us) to keep that relationship afloat. Four years into our marriage, we decided to adopt- and …Read More

lesson in love

October 17, 2009 Kris 8 Comments

I knew I loved you last night when I was returning to bed, and found your legs dangling out of yours, half way to the floor, and scooped you up to move you back to your pillow and for a moment, watched you sleep in the glow of the streetlight peeking through our blinds. Or …Read More

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