Do you Love me Big?


This, is my family. They are all pretty cute, but they also look very different. Well, not Miss G and the Wife. They look very much alike. Everyone comments that Miss G is a miniature version of the Wife. And from what I’m told, Senior K walks, talks and behaves very much like myself. But […]

Every mom needs a tree


If you happen to want to adopt internationally, and you live in Ontario Canada, there is a certain course you have to take. It’s called the PRIDE course. And it covers many wonderful topics. The PRIDE curriculum provides information to help prepare all adoptive parents for the responsibilities involved in raising their children and incorporates […]

To the Mother in WalMart with the Screaming Child…


… I’m sorry. It’s a good thing I’m cute! I’m sorry I judged you too quickly. I’m sorry that at the sight of your disheveled hair, clad in your 1972 floral print muumuu, with mismatched socks, I judged you. I’m sorry that while your child lay on the ground, feet flying up in the air, […]

Odd family


Happy Mother’s Day! Um, okay, maybe that’s a little late, but this is really the first time I’ve had to post since Mother’s Day. ComicCon 2012 – what better way to say “Thanks Mom!” I hope Mother’s Day was great for everyone… lots of flowers, and chocolate, and other such things. Our Mother’s Day, well, […]

The state of her heart


So this post is a little unexpected. I’ve got a post about Miss G’s B-Day, and that hopefully will be funny. I’ve got a post about some other stuff, again, hopefully funny. They always look cute when dressed up as a duck But driving home today, Ping had said something that I think I need […]

the dreamers


Let me tell you about a couple of my friends… Meet Rob. Read about Rob and his family here This is Rob. A good looking fellow. Short hair. Respectable even. Mild mannered. Looks like someone you could drop your kids off with for a day and leave them in safe hands. What might surprise you, […]

trust and pretty shoes


Trust is a funny thing.  You kind of don’t notice it, until it is gone… or was never there. I think the sword and shield is the universal symbol for “I don’t trust you yet!” Me:  Okay Ping, we have to run into my work for a second, then we will go home. Ping:  Okay. […]

The Undiagnosed Special Need


Well, out little Bing is home, and has been for the past three weeks or so.  And he is doing great (at least with me). HI!  I’m HOME!  And I’m CUTE! For those who follow our Forever Family blog, you will know that Bing as some Special Needs. When we got his referral, it stated […]

Sleepless in Beijing


So the wife is currently in China, and I’m still here in Canada.The Wife, BigD (our 2nd eldest son) and our new son Lukai are about 5 days away from coming home.There have been a great many thing which I’ve learned over the last few weeks.  Some of them related to adoption, most related to […]

I Got This


Refuses to let me help her tie up her gia… Ping:  I no can do this!Me:  What’s wrong baby?Ping:  I no can fix my gia.Me:  Well come here, I can fix it.Ping:  You know how do it?Me:  Yea, I got this.*I tie up Ping’s gia for karate class, and she runs out of the bedroom*Me: […]