a mom’s struggle with attaching


I was given a deadline for this post of the end of July – mostly because I asked for one.  That was a month ago.  As I write this I am now only one week out from the deadline, and I’m just now sitting down to put my thoughts on paper.  Although I am a […]

Looking Past the Diagnosis


Today’s post is written by Holly, mother to four – two adopted from China through the Special Needs program. Holly blogs at Purpose Driven Family.   I remember when we were praying and contemplating over her file. Was SHE our daughter? How could we ever know? There are so many orphaned children in need, how could […]

No Holding Her Back!


or Adopting Two at the Same Time 13 months and 28 days… but who’s counting? That’s how long our two newest Treasures have been home. It’s a journey that has seemed like a lifetime, and will last another lifetime. When we met our son Kooper, almost 14 at the time; and our daughter Kinley Grace, […]

Collision of Two Cultures


One year ago two worlds collided in Eastern China as a 13-year-old boy met his American parents for the first time. What was to follow would be a dance of sorts, some missed footing, some stepping on toes, loss of rhythm… and finally, a year later, a harmonious blend of steps we call life. To […]



Tracie is joining us for her first time as guest contributor at No Hands But Ours. Tracie enjoys life as the home schooling mom to her three blessings by international adoption. She rants, raves, laughs, cries and otherwise carries on about life as an everyday mom facing every day challenges at Mom Versus Wild. Tracie […]

Restored Hope


Guest contributor Katherine is back this month. She is currently working as a teacher in China, and also has the unique opportunity to spend time volunteering at a local orphanage. Katherine blogs over at Life of a Pilgrim and, though not an adoptive mother, she has invaluable (and profound) insights into life in China. I’m going to […]

listen to those left behind

Shared by julia… wife to Andy who still makes me laugh every day and mom to 4 kids (and a 5th waiting somewhere in China) who are either making me laugh or making me crazy-o. My goal is to have more laughter than not each day and even if it makes it by .001% then I’m […]

chainsaw encouragement


Wife: You can totally cut down that tree! Me: Really? I donno. Its pretty big. And I’ve never really cut down a tree before. Wife: You can totally do it! Remember when you and your buddies took down the tree at our old place? Me: Yea, we tried to rent a chain saw, but the […]

A Way With Da Ladies


 Today’s guest post is by our first contributor who isn’t a mama… he is a baba. Adrian is father to four children, his youngest daughter adopted from China, and blogs at Forever Family. ____________________________________________________________________ I know there are some stories of adoption out there, where the bonding between child and parent(s) is instant and wonderful! […]

Slipped through the cracks


…but always in the hands of the Father. I’m talking about our son, Kooper. Nine months ago we met him for the first time. In April when we received his referral, we wondered why this 13 year old boy had to wait so long for a family to call his own. Little did we know, […]