find my family: Holden

March 6, 2015 Family Found 1 Comments

Ready for some cuteness?!? Holden, born July 2012, is an active little boy, who loves to be cuddled. He has differences in his external ears, with mild hearing loss. However, he loves to listen to music! His file contains an abnormal CT scan from October 2012, but he has not had another since then. In …Read More

find my family: Rion

March 2, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

Adorable and handsome Rion recently turned 8. He is waiting for a family on the shared list and he is diagnosed as having postoperative cleft lip and palate and epilepsy. As of Dec. 2011 he has stopped the medication he was taking for his epilepsy and it sounds as if he has not had any …Read More

find my family: larry

February 28, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

Larry was born in September 2012 and diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Sweet Larry was found in a hotel dustbin as a newborn and taken to the hospital. At that time he had a hematoma on his scalp and began treatment for jaundice after entering an orphanage. His hematoma resolved on its own but it …Read More

find my family: Henry from Bethel

February 22, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

Bethel’s adorable Henry is quiet at first but loves nothing more than to be on an adult’s lap for a cuddle. He likes to sing songs about animals and cars. He loves playing with balls and loves running and listening to music. Happy Henry has the most amazing smile. When he smiles, his entire face …Read More

find my family: Eddie

February 20, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

Eddie turns six years old this March. Eddie’s listed special need is “mild development delay,” however his facial features may be indicative of Down Syndrome. Eddie’s adoption file was prepared when he was just two years old, he is now almost five and still waits for a family of his very own. At the time …Read More

find my family: Tucker

February 14, 2015 Family Found 3 Comments

Tiny TUCKER is who we have to show off today! Aren’t you glad it is heart month around here? Terrific little Tucker is a sweet one year old toddler. Full of personality, he is described as boy who is outgoing and rambunctious, who loves to giggle and be hugged. But what ever you do don’t …Read More

find my family: gigi

February 8, 2015 Family Found 1 Comments

This sweet little girl was born April of 2012. Precious GiGi has an impressive list of needs and she will need a family to help her heal and receive the care she needs. When she was abandoned, it was discovered that she had an eye that appeared smaller than the other. This has been diagnosed …Read More

find my family: Jacob

February 6, 2015 Family Found 2 Comments

Jacob is 12 years old and listed with Cerebral Palsy. Although this precious child is in a wheelchair, he is said to be able to walk short distances with a walker, go up and down stairs with the use of the hand rail and is able to take care of himself, such as bathing, dressing …Read More

find my family: emerson

February 4, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

 5 year old Emerson was just listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership. Emerson is diagnosed with osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism). And if you think his file photos are precious, just wait until you see his videos (1, 2, 3, 4, Password: Adoptmaa)!   At 5 years old, after a period of acupuncture and moxibustion, Emerson …Read More

it was a good year: a look back at 2014

January 27, 2015 2014 in review, Family Found, Stefanie 0 Comments

2014 was quite a year for No Hands But Ours. The Mentoring Mom program launched in June to an amazing response from over 100 mamas. The No Hands But Ours site was masterfully overhauled by Northstar Marketing over the course of a year, and the beautiful, super-functional site went live in September. Each of the Special Needs …Read More

find my family: Lacy

January 26, 2015 Family Found 1 Comments

Lacy is a beautiful 9 year old girl, who has recently had surgery to correct her club feet. She is new the agency list at Hawaii International Child! Lacy was born with a meningocele, and club feet. She was found when she was an infant, and stayed with that family until 2013, at which time …Read More

find my family: Kyle

January 24, 2015 Family Found 1 Comments

Wonderful Kyle! Please read about this precious boy who participated in Lifeline’s Hosting program and very much wants a forever family. Precious Kyle is 10 years old and is designated to Lifeline’s special focus list. This sweet child is stated to have an eye condition called cryptophthalmus (missing eyelid) and caligo cornea (speck on the …Read More

find my family: Jolie

January 20, 2015 Family Found 1 Comments

This beautiful little girl is six years old and said to be extroverted, active and restless. Jolie is stated to have good communication skills, can express herself well and gets along well with other children. Her file states that she has, “Good physical and mental development, similar with other children of her age.” Precious Jolie …Read More

Aging Out Child: Cody

January 18, 2015 Family Found 2 Comments

Update: My Family Found Me! Cody ages out this July, he needs a family to adopt him before his fourteenth birthday. He has mild hemophilia, his future and health depend on being adopted. His future, should he remain an orphan in China, is bleak. Cody was found abandoned at a bus station when he was …Read More

find my family: May

January 16, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

Meet adorable 1.5 year old May! May is listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership. She is diagnosed as having paralysis of lower limbs and abnormal development of sacral vertebrae. Videos: One, Two, Three and Four. Password: Adoptmaa Madison’s guide has met her and said that her legs have no feeling. She is …Read More

find my family: Craig

January 14, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

Craig is a precious 27 month old boy listed with Madison Adoption Associates. Craig’s language development is behind normal kids and his mental is a little lower than normal kids. He is not talking yet. He can only say something like “mama” and “baba.” He gets along well with other kids. He plays with them …Read More

Waiting Child Who is HIV Positive: Edward

January 12, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

HIV is a virus which affects the immune system, and is managed by medication. With proper treatment people who are HIV positive have normal life expectancies, including full lives with marriages and children. One of the biggest challenges is facing the stigma. In China the stigma is worse, and HIV positive orphans have a bleak …Read More

Urgent Medical Need: Everett

January 10, 2015 Family Found 9 Comments

Everett is a ten year old boy diagnosed with thalassemia who is waiting for a family of his own. His file is on the shared list so he can be pursued by a family or single woman working with any agency. It is very important that Everett is adopted as he is dependent on blood …Read More

find my family: CiCi

January 6, 2015 Family Found 3 Comments

CiCi was born June of 2013. she is a sweet toddler who is bright, active and smart. By 6 months of age, she was rolling over and learning to sit. By 9 months, she could sit unassisted and had started holding onto her bed rails to stand. By 1 year old, she was crawling and …Read More

Find My Family: Ya

January 4, 2015 Family Found 0 Comments

Oh my goodness! Just look at adorable Ya! She was born October of 2007 and has Down Syndrome. This is what is said about her: “Ya is an extremely adorable child. If you ask her what her name is, she will tell you to call her Ya Ya. If you ask her how old she …Read More

find my family: Wallace

January 2, 2015 Family Found 3 Comments

Wallace, born March 2013, is an extroverted little boy with big bright eyes and a cute smile; caregivers want to kiss his chubby cheeks every time they see him, and who can blame them?! He especially enjoys listening to music, and will sit quietly enraptured by it. This sweet boy loves to complete puzzles and …Read More

find my family: Ridge

December 24, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My family has found me! Ridge is a sweet little guy who was born in July of 2013, he is so young! He came into care as an infant, and was found to have a club foot (left) with toe deformities, and some finger deformities of both hands. His club foot seems to be …Read More

All I Want for Christmas

December 22, 2014 Family Found 3 Comments

I’d like to share a story about a little boy. A boy who was “almost” my son. A boy who has been waiting for over 2 years for a family to choose him. To be his forever. You see, when he was 2 his paperwork was filed. And we read his file and saw his …Read More

find my family: Tony

December 16, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Tony was born at the end of August of 2009. He has bright eyes and a “cleverish” mouth according to his caregivers. He is a clever (which in China means bright and smart) and skilled child who is very sensible. He shares his toys and will pick up toys for the other children and comfort …Read More

find my family: Devin

December 14, 2014 Family Found 1 Comments

Beautiful Devin will be turning five next month. She is newly designated to Madison Adoption Associates. She has a $1,000 special focus grant. Other grants may be available based on the adoptive family circumstances. Grants are awarded as agency fee reductions. Devin is diagnosed with post-op congenital heart disease- VSD and she is profoundly deaf. …Read More

find my family: Seth

December 12, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Precious Seth was born October of 2010 and is listed as having a sensitive special need, and an abnormal screening. His file, which can be requested by an agency, provides clarity on this amazingly sweet little guy’s needs. Seth is a handsome little boy with a sweet demeanor. He is described as shy but is …Read More

Best Friends Hoping to be Adopted Together!

December 10, 2014 Family Found 1 Comments

Boy do we have a treat for you today! Best friends so close that the agency they are listed with is advocating they be adopted together as brothers! “H” and “Y” are often found together playing chess and both enjoy art. They have high aspirations when they grow up and wish to be a chemist …Read More

find my family: Christopher

December 6, 2014 Family Found 1 Comments

He’s sweet. He’s adorable. He’s four years old. And he’s blind. At nine months of age this child was brought to the orphanage and was blessed with a wonderful nanny who is responsible for the amazing little boy that he is today. He does not exhibit any of the typical body rocking/hand flapping traits that …Read More

Find My Family: Mae

November 28, 2014 Family Found 1 Comments

Mae is only 1 and has Down syndrome and CHD. Mae likes the most to play with other children and the time of playing with her little companions would be her happiest moment of her day. She is a clever and docile girl; She will get exited when seeing food in the caretaker’s hands and …Read More

Find My Family: Fei

November 26, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My Family Has Found Me! Met 1 yr old Fei. Fei’s special needs are listed as Hip Dysplasia, Malformed Limb – Lower, Meningocele, but her biggest need is a family! This is what her caregivers say about her: “Fei is growing into a beautiful little girl. She is extremely adorable and clever. Little Fei …Read More

Caring Creatively

November 21, 2014 adoption community, Advocacy, Desiree, orphan ministry, orphan prevention 0 Comments

November is National Adoption Month. Pretty cool, huh? You would think that this is primarily a “Christian holiday” but I’ve been thrilled to see the secular media highlighting adoption & foster care and even adoption ministries throughout the month. (See Huffington Post article HERE.) But adoption is just one, albeit amazing, facet of God’s call to …Read More

find my family: Emma

November 18, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My Family has Found Me! Emma was born November of 2005 and is listed as having Cerebral Palsy and a history of Hepatitis B. She is turning nine years old this year and continues to wait for a family of her own. She was born November of 2005. Emma’s file is a single page …Read More

Advocacy and Social Media: What’s not to “like”?

November 17, 2014 Advocacy, Sheryl, thalassemia 1 Comments

Ah, social media. Sometimes I don’t know whether to love it or loath it. But it’s here, and most of use it.  Think about it: how many times have you “liked” a post? How many times have you made a comment? Or even “shared” something you saw that struck you as funny, important or thought-provoking? …Read More

find my family: Becca

November 16, 2014 Family Found, girls, shared list 1 Comments

UPDATE: My Family Found Me! Is anyone looking for a precious seven year old girl to join their family? We have a treat for you today. This precious girl is Becca. She was born December of 2007 and abandoned at two years of age. She lives in an orphanage in Southern China and gets along …Read More

find my family: Lai

November 14, 2014 CCAI, Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My family has found me! On February 27, 2009, Lai was found abandoned. He just turned 8 years old with a birthdate of October 2006. He is a shy, delicate and handsome little boy. His demeanor is really peaceful, and when he sees a stranger, he stands very still and does not talk. If …Read More

find my family: Logan

November 10, 2014 Family Found 1 Comments

Update: My Family Has Found Me! Two year old Logan is listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership. Logan is diagnosed with alpha thalassemia but his file notes that he receives regular transfusions, which is not typical of kids with alpha thalassemia. Madison asked for clarification from the orphanage because of his file …Read More

day 8: Hope

November 8, 2014 30shareadoptionchallenge, Family Found 3 Comments

There are millions of children awaiting a family and as you begin the process or have already been through it and choose to search waiting child lists, you’ll see the sad faces of thousands of children. Each one waiting for the one thing that all of us are able to give to them – a …Read More

a child waits: Bethel’s Lili

November 6, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Sweet Lili is a three year old beauty. She currently lives in the Bethel foster home, a fantastic organization in China serving blind and visually impaired children! Lili is blind as a result of having both eyes removed due to retinoblastoma. She has been in remission for 18 months and has been thriving under the …Read More

find my family: sam

November 4, 2014 Family Found 1 Comments

Little Sam is 3 years old! Sam has a few orthopedic conditions including Osteogenesis Imperfecta, scoliosis, and a difference of his right elbow and ankle joint. He is mobile and his file states he just can’t jump. People believe that he may be a little delayed compared to his peers but it may also be …Read More

November 1: the first day of National Adoption Month

November 1, 2014 30shareadoptionchallenge, Advocacy 4 Comments

November is National Adoption Month. And for the next 30 days, we will be partnering with Kelli Bloomquist – who has shared with us here before – and a host of other adoptive mamas in a 30 Day Share Adoption Challenge. The goal is to help spread the word, as far and as wide as …Read More

find my family: Luke

October 30, 2014 Family Found 1 Comments

Oh my… What a sweet face!! Dear precious Luke is 5 years old and he is listed with Lifeline Adoption. He is Special Focus and his special need is club feet. Just look at this adorable little face, he needs a family to turn that little frown upside down. This precious little guy was found …Read More

Southern Hospitality 2014 is underway

October 22, 2014 Advocacy, Lifeline 0 Comments

  From Lifeline’s website: Our goal in this endeavor is to shower these children with love, introduce them to the culture of the southern United States, and provide them with some unique experiences. This event is also an important element in our on-going development of our orphanage partnerships in China. Through our partnership orphanages we …Read More

waiting child highlight: boys with hemophilia

October 18, 2014 Family Found 3 Comments

If you know someone considering a boy, share with them these precious faces. Each of these boys has hemophilia, which is so manageable in the United States. Right now, these boys’ access to treatment varies, depending on their location. But, once they age out, they will have little to no access to treatment at all. …Read More

find my family: Channing

October 16, 2014 Advocacy, CCAI, Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My Family has Found Me! Channing is now over 5 years old. He is extremely cute, and his big eyes are bright and sparkling, as if they could speak. Under his delicate nose, his sweet mouth has grown into quite the talker. Everyone really likes him. However, Channing tends to speak a little childishly …Read More

Find my Family: Yan Bo

October 13, 2014 Advocacy, ATWA 1 Comments

Goodness, have we got a special little boy for you to meet today! This is Yan Bo, affectionately called “Bobo” who is listed has having a repaired cleft lip and palate and drooping eyelids by his orphanage. Isn’t he adorable? He is listed with ATWA and all his agency fees are waived. If a family adopts …Read More

find my family: kylee

October 12, 2014 Advocacy, Faith International Adoptions, Family Found 0 Comments

Update: My Family Has Found Me! Meet beautiful Kylee! Born in October 2011, her caregivers describe her as optimistic and smiley. She loves to be around others and is energetic. She enjoys being outdoors and loves toys with sound. It is believed that Kylee was born prematurely and has experienced hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE), although …Read More

Find My Family: Jade

October 10, 2014 Family Found 0 Comments

Dainty JADE! Little Jade’s most favorite thing to do is play with dolls. While she has a few different medical needs, she is simply a sweet little two year old girl. She is a special child who is hoping for her very own special family to love and cherish her. She is post-operative for anal …Read More

find my family: Jonah

October 8, 2014 Advocacy, boys, Family Found, WACAP 1 Comments

Update: My family has found me! Jonah is just 3 years old and is a very smart little fellow. His motor skills are age appropriate and he has good eye-hand coordination. He can communicate using sentences made up of 5-10 words, but is still working on expressing his needs verbally. He often uses actions in …Read More

Two Children Who Urgently Need Families: Mariella and Brayden

October 6, 2014 Advocacy, Family Found 3 Comments

All children need families.  We know this.  And if you are even reading this post, then you are probably aware that the need for families to step forward and care for orphans worldwide is GREAT.  It is actually quite overwhelming at times.  Someone even told me the other day while having a conversation about the …Read More

aging out child: Tula

September 30, 2014 Advocacy, aging-out child, Family Found, older child adoption 5 Comments

Thirteen years. Most of us remember where we were 13 years ago this month. And although some of those memories are still very vivid in our minds, in reality we see 2001 is pretty far in our rear-view mirror. Thirteen years was a long time ago. Now add another 6 months to that. Thirteen years …Read More

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