Attachment Through the Years: 5 Years Home

July 19, 2018 adopting a boy, Attachment, attachment activities, attachment challenges, Contributor Q and A, July 2018 Feature - Attachment Through the Years, Kelley B. 1 Comments

Attachment. It’s a word that, at some point of the adoption journey, will bring every parent to their knees – either in frustration over all that seems to be lacking or gratitude for heart-shaped milestones reached. This month we are focusing on attachment over the long(er) term… not weeks or months home. But years down …Read More

Find My Family: Jay

July 18, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Jay is an adorable little boy, born in August of 2011. He is diagnosed as having congenital heart disease (PA/VSD, MAPCAs, postoperative B-T shunt), cardiac insufficiency, and postoperative diaphragmatic eventration (left). Jay has a good appetite and is not picky. His favorite foods are apples, oranges, chocolate, and chips. He has no trouble eating, using …Read More

Nothing Is Impossible

July 17, 2018 apraxia of speech, cl/cp, Craniofacial, developmental delays, Family Stories, July 2018 Feature - Craniofacial, non-verbal, speech delay 3 Comments

We had been home with our Laura Cate for 12 months, when a family member made a statement that took my breath away: “Your adopted daughter just doesn’t have the same potential. She will never be able to do all the things your biological daughter can do.” /// We adopted Laura in October 2015, when …Read More

Waiting Child: Madeline

July 16, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Madeline, born December 2007, is described as optimistic and sensible! She gets along well with the other children around her and enjoys playing aeroplane chess. One of her favorite activities is playing with Legos; she builds all kinds of cars and people out of them! Often when she is with her group of kids, she …Read More

Her Words Will Come

July 15, 2018 cl/cp, Craniofacial, Family Stories, July 2018 Feature - Craniofacial, speech delay, speech therapy 8 Comments

A few weeks ago my husband and I and our four kids were at Legoland for a day of fun in the California sun. My four kids are all what you may call opinionated, independent, and vocal. Our youngest may be the sassiest of them all, but she also has a profound expressive speech delay. …Read More

Urgent Waiting Child: Milton

July 14, 2018 Children Who Wait 2 Comments

Milton, a 3-year-old beautiful boy with a December 2014 birthday, loves playing with colorful toy cars and will drive them all over the tables and walls! He plays well independently and is able to entertain himself for a long time playing on the wooden horse or the swings. Sometimes after class his teacher takes him …Read More

Meet Joyanna!

July 13, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

“Hi, I am 12 years old. I am in 5th grade. I like singing and dancing very much. I also like to ride bike. I need to go to hospital three days every week to get treatment then go to school the rest of two days. I never fail my academic even I have to …Read More

Family Found: Our Search for our Daughter’s Birth Family

July 13, 2018 birth family, birth family, birth family search, DNA and genetic testing, orphanage, Post-Adoption contact 3 Comments

This is the story of how we found our daughter YuChen’s birth family 10 years and 5 days after she entered an orphanage in Ankang, Shaanxi province, China. I am trying to do my best to guard the hearts of two families and one very special little girl, so I will carefully share some of …Read More

Waiting Child: Danny

July 12, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Eight year old Danny is an extroverted social butterfly who loves people! Danny gets along very well with others, and is good at communicating. Danny is almost 10 years old and is well behaved and obedient, he can follow directions easily. He has great gross motor skills as well as fine motor skills, with no …Read More

Beautiful Blakely

July 10, 2018 Children Who Wait 0 Comments

Blakely is a beautiful little girl, born in August of 2014 with Down syndrome. Blakely joined a foster family when she was seven months old. Her foster mother loves her very much and she is attached to her foster family. But a foster family isn’t a forever family. It is a gift to Blakely’s future …Read More

Dear Daughter: Explaining Attachment to My Child

July 9, 2018 Attachment, attachment activities, attachment challenges, Kelly, parent-to-child attachment, Trust Based Parenting 7 Comments

Parents talk about a lot of things with other parents. You know that already. Talking while we drink coffee together, talking over the phone, commenting on each other’s blog posts, commenting back and forth with friends on Facebook —believe it or not, all of that can help us help each other learn how to be …Read More

The Sparkle Jar: A Simple Way to Build Connection

July 7, 2018 Attachment, attachment activities, discipline, homeschool, large families, parent-to-child attachment, Sharon 2 Comments

I recently read a quote from Here We Read that said, “Give children more experiences, not things.” It got me thinking about our Sparkle Jar. I really hadn’t stop to ponder the what, why, when, where, or how because it’s something I have done in the past in my classroom and now in our home. …Read More

The Word that Shattered my White-Picket-Fence World

July 5, 2018 achondroplasia, adopting again, Developmental System, dwarfism, Family Stories, June 2018 Feature - Orthopedic 6 Comments

“We believe your baby has something called Achondroplasia.” “Achondro what?” my husband asked. I was six months pregnant at the time with our second child. Achondroplasia – it’s a word that changed our lives forever. I knew what that word was. It was a word that meant my son wouldn’t be the captain of the …Read More

Winning the Lottie-ry: Adopting a Child with Pseudoarthrosis

July 3, 2018 adopting again, amputation, Family Stories, June 2018 Feature - Orthopedic, missing hand/foot, neurofibromatosis, Orthopedic, prosthetics, pseudoarthrosis, Uncategorized 2 Comments

Newly home from China, we were settling in as a family of five. So when we realized we were going back to China for child number four, we felt quite surprised. A fellow adoptive mom uses the hilariously appropriate term “unprotected paperwork.” Uh-huh. We are happily nodding our heads over here in agreement. It all …Read More

His Story to Tell: Living Life with a Prosthetic

July 1, 2018 adopting a boy, amniotic band syndrome, amputation, Family Stories, June 2018 Feature - Orthopedic, missing arm/leg, Orthopedic, prosthetics, visible special need 0 Comments

We always thought adoption would be a part of our family’s story. After attempting a domestic adoption in between our two biological daughters, we read a story that pulled our hearts toward China. After a lot of prayer, we took a leap of faith. Just a few months later, we were matched with our sweet …Read More

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