Waiting for a Family: Eugene and Lile

November 14, 2015 by nohandsbutours Advocacy, Children Who Wait 0 Comments


Andrea Olson is Executive Director of Little Hearts Medical and a five time adoptive mother. She traveled to Beijing recently to assist with Holt International Children’s Services’ Ambassador Program, where she was partnered with two beautiful boys born with complex CHD and in need of adoption. ………………. Hello everyone! I just recently returned from Beijing …Read More

Waiting Child Highlight: Six Cuties With AAC

October 24, 2015 by nohandsbutours Advocacy, Children Who Wait, Down syndrome 0 Comments


Today we are sharing six little ones with Down syndrome who need forever families. If you are considering adopting a child with Down syndrome, and even if not, we hope you’ll take a minute to read this excellent post. Down syndrome is largely misunderstood and because October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, it’s the perfect …Read More

find my family: Wesley

October 4, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments


This precious child is Wesley who was born October of 2014 and has postoperative hydrocephalus. He had surgery in January of 2015 where they put a shunt in his brain to help his hydrocephalus and since then he has been a very active little guy! Wesley loves to laugh, watch the people around him, and …Read More

Precious Little Thomas

October 2, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Precious little Thomas was born in August of 2014 and was admitted into the institute in September of 2014. The physical exam at admission showed syphilis RPR test to be positive and HIV to be weak positive. The doctors think that these were brought from his birth mother. In May of 2015, the RPR test …Read More

find my family: Benjamin

September 26, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 2 Comments


Benjamin is 12 years old and is deaf, he is described as a charming extrovert with many friends, and a great student, well loved by his teachers and is fluent in Chinese sign language. Please prayerfully consider giving this young man a forever family. Contact All God’s Children International for more information. He is an …Read More

Looking for my family: Luca

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Luca was born in September 2012 with complex heart disease. His referral file mentions: dextrocardia, complete TGA, ASD, right aortic arch, bidirectional atrial shunt, tricuspid and pulmonary regurgitation, and pulmonary hypertension. His file does not indicate that he has received any surgical interventions. While this certainly is a medical mouthful – it does not define …Read More

Waiting for Angel

September 8, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments


This is little ‘Angel’ who is one and a half years old. Angel was born blind, but has no other known special needs. Since being moved to a private run foster home in July, 2015 she has taken off in her development, and her personality has blossomed. She has learned to sit up, play independently …Read More

Sadey Joy

September 4, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments

Photo 1-10

Sadey Joy was given the advocacy name she was because she radiates joy from every one of her pictures. Sadey Joy was born in approximately February 2013. She was found in front of the local community hospital at the age of approximately 18 months old. Sadey Joy was found to be underweight and was diagnosed …Read More

Belinda Waits for Her Family

August 30, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Belinda is a BEAUTIFUL little girl (Born January 2008) with pink rosebud lips and wispy hair. She gets along well with other children and has a quiet, gentle personality. She especially enjoys playing with other children her age. Her caregivers report that she is very sharp! She is able to count, name colors and shapes, …Read More

Find My Family: Aspen

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Aspen is an adorable one year old who has deformity of both legs. He is part of our orphanage partnership program. His left leg seems to more affected than his right leg. His file also reports some mild heart conditions. Aspen can stand holding onto something (as you can see in his recent video) and …Read More

Aging Out: Sophie

August 26, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Beautiful Sophie was born in February 2002 according to parts of her file. This makes her 13 years old already and she will age out next February. Other parts of her file indicate a date that is two years younger. She needs a family who is willing to rush to her before she ages out, …Read More

find my family: Paxton

August 22, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments

Photo 4-2

I’m so lucky to get to introduce you to Paxton! He was born August of 2012. Paxton has been diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, otherwise known as Brittle Bone Disease. Paxton was abandoned outside of a local police station. He was estimated to be six months old. He was taken to the local Social Welfare Institute …Read More

Urgent Medical Need: Charlie

August 12, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


This sweet little guy’s name is Charlie and he is 3 years old. His special need is listed as thalassemia. Charlie is described as being a very happy kiddo! His caretakers have said that he has good mental and physical development and that he has learned to do many things on his own. He is …Read More

Find My Family: Joel

August 8, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Goodness gracious! We have the sweetest little fellow to share with you today! You ready for this? Joel is a sweet loving little boy who is five years old and is currently listed with CCAI. He loves to play with other children and he loves hugs when he sees someone he is familiar with. According …Read More

Waiting to Be Chosen: Jenny

July 26, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Is this precious little one your daughter? Jenny is simply adorable and has waited far too long for her family. Her orphanage fee has been waived and she has a growing grant on Reece’s Rainbow.  Jenny, born March 2008, is a cutie with a big smile from a well-run orphanage. Her update says she is sociable, easy going, …Read More

find my family: Hank

July 12, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments

Hank JOH1

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! I could eat this little guy up, he is so precious! Hank is a “sunny and active” 5 year old boy with a ready smile. He loves playing with other children, singing and listening to music, and watching cartoons. He knows the names of everyday items, can count, communicate …Read More

Urgent Medical Need: Kenneth

July 4, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 2 Comments


Kenneth is such a sweet and responsible 8-year-old boy! WACAP staff met him at a recent Journey of Hope Camp and were so impressed by him even though he was nervous meeting a foreigner for the first time. Kenneth was found when he was 6 months old, and he currently lives with a foster family …Read More

Maddox Waits

June 24, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments

Meet Maddox who waits for a family of his very own. Six year old Maddox. Look how cute and sweet he is. Maddox is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates. Not only is Maddox super handsome, but his caretakers describe him as smart and lovely. He was abandoned at about 3 years of age and …Read More

find my family: Lia

June 18, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Beautiful, adorable Lia is listed with Lifeline Children’s Services. Adorable Lia is 5 1/2 years old, and is listed as special focus. Her special needs are listed as cleft palate, post-operative cleft lip, post-operative CHD, atrophy of right lower limbs, post center shunt. Lia is an absolutely precious little girl. Her caretakers describe her as …Read More

Now We are Six: Jackson and Lulu

June 6, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Now We Are Six By A.A. Milne   When I was one I had just begun When I was two I was nearly new   When I was three I was hardly me When I was four I was not much more When I was five I was just alive   But now I am …Read More

find my family: Langston

May 26, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Langston is an adorable 11 month old little guy! Langston is a quiet and happy baby who loves brightly-colored rattles and listening to music. He giggles and loves to laugh and dance when tickled or playing with other children! His special need is listed as thick-skulled reflex to light of pupils. He is designated to …Read More

find my family: Sunny

May 24, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 3 Comments

Sunny was born in February 2011. He was found when he was approximately two months old. When he was admitted to the orphanage, they noted that he “had black spots on his skin, and cysts in his neck, arms, and back.” Read more about this special need under Congenital Nevus here. Children with nevus face …Read More

Urgent Medical Need: Regis

May 18, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Regis, born December 2009, is a sweet boy, who was a little overwhelmed by the attention when agency staff saw him on a trip, and seemed relieved when he could go play again. Caregivers say sometimes he is quiet, and sometimes he is more talkative. He is diagnosed with thalassemia, and receives monthly transfusions. They …Read More

urgent medical need: Miles

May 10, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 4 Comments


Miles is 12 years old, an is listed with Hawaii International Child! Miles is very small for his age, likely due to the lack of proper treatment for his Thalassemia. He does not appear to receive the needed transfusions as often as his body requires, and he is not receiving chelation meds which are vital for …Read More

Find My Family: Hanson

May 8, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Hi! I’m Hanson! Due to my epidermolysis bullosa I see doctors and nurses a lot so I have a good relationship with them. Even though I get sores on my body, I rarely cry and I try to be very strong! I can be quiet but I love getting to play with the other children. …Read More

Urgent Medical Need: Justus

April 30, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.30.19 PM

Adorable Justus is 2 years old (born December 2012). Justus is a very smart little boy that already knows how to sort shapes and colors, point out and say objects in a book, and say several words! He gets along well with other kids and loves to ride on the rocking horse and play catch …Read More

find my family: Cricket

April 28, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Cricket was born July 2011 and is designated to Dillon International. Cricket is a beautiful 3-year-old boy who needs a family who has access to the medical resources necessary to treat his pulmonary artery stenosis and his right wrist. He prefers to try to do things for himself and takes great pride in accomplishing a …Read More

find my family: Abby

April 26, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments


Beautiful little Abby loves to smile and interact with her caregivers and those around her. She enjoys listening to music and loves things that are new to her. She likes playing outdoors and her caregivers say that she is very active and extroverted. Abby suffered from a rough start with some developmental delays and wasn’t …Read More

a family for Rosie

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I first learned about this precious girl on the Down Syndrome Adoption FB group and was immediately smitten. And when you see her picture, I’m sure you’ll agree. Those chubby legs. That black hair. Those pink cheeks. Oh my. Now that we are home with our Clementine, who also has Down syndrome, I have such a huge soft …Read More

find my family: Brayden

April 14, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 4 Comments


Brayden was born in April 2012 and abandoned when he was 18 months old. After admission to the hospital he was diagnosed with Hemophilia A. His birth parents did leave a note so it is believed that his birth date is known. After spending about 6 months in a Care Center Brayden was transferred to …Read More

find my family: Maria

April 12, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 3 Comments

new photo3 4-7-15

Maria is 18 months old. She was born with a cleft lip and palate and was abandoned on the side of the road on the day she was born. She’s been getting great care in the orphanage (now living with a foster family within the orphanage) and is doing well. Maria also has a small …Read More

aging out child: Joseph

April 10, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments

Joseph was born in October 2001 and his special need is repaired cleft lip and repaired cleft palate.  I had the sincere pleasure of getting to meet him this past July while I was in China.  He lives in a foster care apartment within his orphanage with two older sisters and three younger siblings.  Joseph …Read More

four families found

March 24, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found, fundraisers, Liberty 0 Comments


Advocating for Children Who Wait is an important part of what we do here on No Hands But Ours. We celebrate with great joy every time we learn that there is a Family Found for one of these children. Today we would like to share four children who were highlighted on NHBO who now have …Read More

Adopting a Child with Vision Impairment: 8 Things to Consider

March 23, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found, Family Stories, retinoblastoma, Sensory System, vision issues, vision loss 6 Comments


December 11, 2011 in Fujian was cool, damp and grey. We were waiting in a conference room at the hotel with another couple from the US. This wasn’t the first time we’d done this. We had waited in similar rooms four times prior to this; however, this time was very different. Long after, we would …Read More

Aging Out Child: Summer

March 22, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 3 Comments


Summer will age out and no longer be available for adoption on her 14th birthday which is less than 2 months away on May 15th. She needs a family already in process who is motivated to expedite her adoption before this day. Summer has Cerebral Palsy and her gait is slightly affected. She is described …Read More

Ridiculous Faith

March 18, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found, Family Stories 10 Comments

Poppy family

How this all began. The story… we simply didn’t even begin to write. Dean and I went out for a date at Olive Garden. On this date I mentioned to Dean that I keep getting this strong impression about adopting an older girl. We talked. We laughed. We both agreed this would have to be …Read More

find my family: Ruth

March 18, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 2 Comments

Sweet little Ruth is still waiting and is available for immediate placement. She just turned two in February. She smiles when someone calls her name. She is quiet and shy, a deep sleeper and loves to listen to music. Ruth can understand simple instructions and can take a few steps while sitting in her walker, …Read More

find my family: Holden

March 6, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments


Ready for some cuteness?!? Holden, born July 2012, is an active little boy, who loves to be cuddled. He has differences in his external ears, with mild hearing loss. However, he loves to listen to music! His file contains an abnormal CT scan from October 2012, but he has not had another since then. In …Read More

find my family: larry

February 28, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Larry was born in September 2012 and diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Sweet Larry was found in a hotel dustbin as a newborn and taken to the hospital. At that time he had a hematoma on his scalp and began treatment for jaundice after entering an orphanage. His hematoma resolved on its own but it …Read More

find my family: Tucker

February 14, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 3 Comments


Tiny TUCKER is who we have to show off today! Aren’t you glad it is heart month around here? Terrific little Tucker is a sweet one year old toddler. Full of personality, he is described as boy who is outgoing and rambunctious, who loves to giggle and be hugged. But what ever you do don’t …Read More

find my family: gigi

February 8, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments

Medical Photo 4

This sweet little girl was born April of 2012. Precious GiGi has an impressive list of needs and she will need a family to help her heal and receive the care she needs. When she was abandoned, it was discovered that she had an eye that appeared smaller than the other. This has been diagnosed …Read More

find my family: Jacob

February 6, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 2 Comments


Jacob is 12 years old and listed with Cerebral Palsy. Although this precious child is in a wheelchair, he is said to be able to walk short distances with a walker, go up and down stairs with the use of the hand rail and is able to take care of himself, such as bathing, dressing …Read More

find my family: emerson

February 4, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


 5 year old Emerson was just listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership. Emerson is diagnosed with osteochondrodysplasia (dwarfism). And if you think his file photos are precious, just wait until you see his videos (1, 2, 3, 4, Password: Adoptmaa)!   At 5 years old, after a period of acupuncture and moxibustion, Emerson …Read More

it was a good year: a look back at 2014

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2014 was quite a year for No Hands But Ours. The Mentoring Mom program launched in June to an amazing response from over 100 mamas. The No Hands But Ours site was masterfully overhauled by Northstar Marketing over the course of a year, and the beautiful, super-functional site went live in September. Each of the Special Needs …Read More

find my family: Lacy

January 26, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments


Lacy is a beautiful 9 year old girl, who has recently had surgery to correct her club feet. She is new the agency list at Hawaii International Child! Lacy was born with a meningocele, and club feet. She was found when she was an infant, and stayed with that family until 2013, at which time …Read More

find my family: Kyle

January 24, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments


Wonderful Kyle! Please read about this precious boy who participated in Lifeline’s Hosting program and very much wants a forever family. Precious Kyle is 10 years old and is designated to Lifeline’s special focus list. This sweet child is stated to have an eye condition called cryptophthalmus (missing eyelid) and caligo cornea (speck on the …Read More

find my family: Jolie

January 20, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 1 Comments


This beautiful little girl is six years old and said to be extroverted, active and restless. Jolie is stated to have good communication skills, can express herself well and gets along well with other children. Her file states that she has, “Good physical and mental development, similar with other children of her age.” Precious Jolie …Read More

Aging Out Child: Cody

January 18, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 2 Comments


Update: My Family Found Me! Cody ages out this July, he needs a family to adopt him before his fourteenth birthday. He has mild hemophilia, his future and health depend on being adopted. His future, should he remain an orphan in China, is bleak. Cody was found abandoned at a bus station when he was …Read More

find my family: Craig

January 14, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


Craig is a precious 27 month old boy listed with Madison Adoption Associates. Craig’s language development is behind normal kids and his mental is a little lower than normal kids. He is not talking yet. He can only say something like “mama” and “baba.” He gets along well with other kids. He plays with them …Read More

Waiting Child Who is HIV Positive: Edward

January 12, 2015 by nohandsbutours Family Found 0 Comments


HIV is a virus which affects the immune system, and is managed by medication. With proper treatment people who are HIV positive have normal life expectancies, including full lives with marriages and children. One of the biggest challenges is facing the stigma. In China the stigma is worse, and HIV positive orphans have a bleak …Read More

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